Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random March and April Pictures

Well, I have been so bad about updating here are some random pictures from March and April.....Once I get semi caught up, I will just do a weekly update.  :)  Davis went to Georgia's 3rd Birthday at the Aquatic Center and he LOVED it!  He could not wait to get to the pool all day.  He had fun swimming with Daddy while Katelyn and I hung out and watched.

Katelyn swinging at the park on a play date with Maddox and Mason.....the last time I go to the park alone!  It was so hard to keep track of Davis while watching Katelyn I about had a heart attack 50 I came home and tried my hardest to talk Lance into getting us our own play set.  And the verdict is....yep I won!  It was installed on the 25th of April and we are all LOVING it!  I am one happy Momma!

Davis still liked wagon rides and to my surprise Katelyn LOVED it, so now we have another thing to add to our afternoon routine.  Riding a wagon is hard work....gotta have lots of water..ha!

He is a little GRUMPY can you tell??
About half way through our walk, he just took his shirt off and then on the way back to the house he leaned out and picked up the newspaper.  He is getting to be an old man already.

Her favorite new thing is standing up and taking a couple of steps.  She is finally getting pretty good she is up to about 9 or 10 steps.  She is a really fast crawler so if she is in a hurry, she just walks a few steps and then spider crawls the rest of the way.
This is why I LOVE having a girl! 
It got real quiet I cam in and found her hands all stuck in sticker scraps from Davis' sticker book.  She was very entertained!
These two are finally starting to play together, but this looked like plain TROUBLE to me!

Davis and Maddox riding his jeep.  This is his all time FAVORITE thing he owns.  He got this for Christmas and now he can steer and drive so well he just has the best time.  He won't sit to watch a movie but he will sit in his jeep for hours and ride if you let him. 

Davis and his neighbor friend Lillian....are they not just so cute.  He was all about taking care of her as you can tell with his hand on his leg. 

This is the newest and greatest....SPIDER crawl that Katelyn has started doing.  Lance's mom told us that Lance used to crawl this way as well, so I guess it runs in the family.

I am busy getting breakfast one morning and turn around and Davis has his pants STUFFED with tools, toys, and balls...ha!  It looked hilarious so I had to take a picture, he was very proud of all the stuff he could fit in his pants.  Oh my goodness little boys are just too funny!

Katelyn's newest favorite toy is the car.  She will play with this car for an hour, but you have to watch her.  She tries to stand up in it an jump out....she may be a little on the wild side.

We finally let Davis take Katelyn for a SLOW ride in the jeep and he was so excited.  He got her all strapped in and was so sweet with her.  She had a great time, especially when Davis put it in full gear which he was not supposed to do.  She would throw a fit every time I tried to take her out of the jeep.  Thankfully Davis did not mind and he just let her stay in and ride with him.  It is so fun watching them begin to play together more and more. 

The picture below is just so sweet to me.  Davis loves his sister so much! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Surgery DAY - TWO in one day!

Some people thought we were crazy and maybe we were, both Katelyn and Davis needed tubes so we just went ahead and did them back to back on the same day.  They were scheduled at 8:50 but we had to be there at 7:20 so it was an early morning for us for sure!  Even though it was minor surgery you still worry about putting your babies to sleep.  I went back with Katelyn to be put the sleep and then was with her in the recovery room and then Lance met me there after Davis was put to sleep.  Got to love teamwork! 

Davis LOVES his ENT doctor, which amazes us since he does not have much of a personality.  He is a great doctor and super nice, but just not overly outgoing or someone that I would think Davis would remember.  Oddly, he really is his favorite doctor.  When Dr. Bauer cut his bottom frenulum a few months back when Davis woke up the first thing he said when he woke up was "You broke my tongue!"  this had them all laughing.  All week Davis has been telling Katelyn that Dr. Bauer is going to cut her tongue and put her tubes in, he was pretty excited about the whole process...ha!  When he saw the doctor come in he lit up and said (Really Loud) "Hi Dr. Bauer!"  I think he made Dr. Bauer's day, I don't know how many kids greet him like that.   

Davis had to have both of his tubes put back in.  They fell out several months ago and since then he has had fluid on his ears.  After watching it for a while, and two ear infections later, we really pushed for tubes again and Dr. Bauer agreed.  He also had to have his top frenulum in his mouth cut.  This was the third time we have had to put Davis under for surgery and he did great again.  He is such an easy going little guy. 

Katelyn on the other had was not easy going....imagine that!  She was great until I went back with her to be put under.  Lance was telling me about what to expect because he always goes back with Davis, well it did not go the same way with little Katelyn.  She screamed and held her breath while they were trying to get her mask on her.  Let me just say that she did not stop SCREAMING until we got in the car to go home.  They brought her back from surgery and she SCREAMED bloody murder until we left.  It was well over an hour of screaming crying, we could not get her settled down.  She had to have tubes in both ears, and both her top and bottom frenulums cut.  Both of her ears were still extremely infected with fluid on them so I am so glad we went ahead and had hers put in as well.  Last night she said two new words out of the blue "hi" and "mama".  She also was drinking correctly from her straw cup.....coincidence...I don't think so!  Lance and I have heard her say more sounds the past two days and I am so excited for her.  She also is trying to walk more and seems to have a little better balance.

After the surgery, Davis was looking at Kateyln like she was a crazy woman because of her excessive crying.  They both did great with drinking their fluids after.  We finally got them ready to go home and they both threw up twice in the hospital room.  I bet the nurses were glad to get us out the door.  And then Davis threw up again in his brand new car seat on the way home....FUN TIMES! :) Davis was so helpful to Katelyn the whole day and was so sweet to her. He even helped her pick out her elephant to, which she loved! Davis picked out a train whistle and has taken it everywhere the past two days.
Katelyn was really eyeing Davis' toy he picked out and was quite determined to take it.
She is pretty sneaky as you can tell. Everyone is posing for a picture and she is trying to steal her brother's toy....NICE!

Katelyn after her surgery.....look at her poor lip, it looked so sad in person the pictures don't really do it justice!  My dad said she was way too young for collagen injections.

So thankful that we are so blessed with Children's Healthcare and wonderful doctor's and nurses.   Also blessed with a wonderful husband and support system.  All our family called to check on the little ones and Meme and Opa brought us over dinner so we didn't have to worry about cooking which was wonderful. 

Davis did great and has not complained one time about his ears or mouth.  Katelyn bless her heart had a hard time and then woke up with a fever of 102.7 and that was with Tylenol every four hours.  We got worried it was an infection.  We had to call the surgeon emergency and then the pediatrician.  But long story short everything was fine and it was just a fever virus thank goodness, I don't think we could have taken anything else this week. 

Each time I go through something like this I am just overly thankful for our health.  So many families struggle with this all the time and the hospital is their home which I know is so hard.  I feel horrible for complaining about our little incidents when so many have this as their daily life.  Thankful for our many blessings that is for sure!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Katelyn Turns One - February 16th

I have been the WORST mom at keeping up with Katelyn's updates!  So, we will put it all together in one post..ha!  First of all I can't believe Katelyn is one.  Seriously where does the time go, it goes by so fast, but seems to go by even quicker when you have two.  I don't know what happens when you have three!!

Katelyn is an absolute joy to our family.  The first few months were not so great, but once we figured out her egg allergy it was like we had a different child.  Can I just say....I LOVE having a girl for so many reasons, but her clothes are so much fun right now.  I am just so thankful that God gave us this little girl to raise and he picked our family for her to join.  She has truly been such a blessing.  Davis loves her and is so gentle and patient with her.  He constantly loves on her and checks on her.  Besides the occasional push or "hard" love taps he is great to her.  Now, Katelyn on the other hand is another story.  She has now started biting Davis out of anger.....who does this at one???  She has also started throwing bad tantrums when she does not get her way.  She has started to show her strong willed side, but as I really think about this......she has shown this early on.  At nine months old I started to wean her off of nursing, mainly because my milk was starting to go down because Katelyn started to only nurse from one side.  I tried everything to get her to drink on both sides, but no nothing worked.  So the doctor and I talked and we decided it was probably just time to stop nursing.  Well, that did not go over well.  She refused to take any bottle or sippy cup.  Lance and I tried every bottle out there.  I tried to leave the name it we tried it.  NO LUCK!  Well till this day she will not take a bottle.  The only thing she would semi drink was a straw cup with milk!  Because of this I have had to mix her food with milk as much as I could to get some in her.  At most she gets 12 ounces of milk a day.  I have had to give her yogurt and other forms of dairy to make sure she gets what she needs, but I still get stressed that she is not getting everything she needs. ONE Katelyn:
-Is crawling (started at 9 months)
-She is a really fast crawler and she now does the army crawl.
-Standing up on her own, walking around things, but still not walking on her own.  She can take a few steps.
-Can point to her head and belly.
-Is very interactive socially.  She looks you in the eye and babbles back and forth. 
- Laughs out loud all the time...she is so happy!
- Has four teeth on the top and bottom and her top and bottom molars are beginning to come in.
-Has had lots of stuffy noses which have turned into ear infections.....we may be getting tubes for her.
-Is not talking very much, but she says ugh oh and dada all the time and in context.  She will NOT say mama.  You will ask her to repeat it and she looks at you and laughs and then says dada.  I know she loves him but seriously I am not liking this...ha!
-She seems to understand what we say to her.
-She does not like to sit still to be read to, she would rather hold the book and look at it herself.
-She will sit and play with her toys all day long.  Davis NEVER did this, so this is so nice. 
-She entertains herself pretty well. 
-She likes to place little objects or small toys in containers and then dump them out.
-She has figured out how to get in cabinets and she loves to take everything out and make a mess.
-She is eating mostly table food now, but she is pretty picky.  She loves bananas, strawberries, chicken, peas, carrots, and corn, rice cereal, bread, gold fish, crackers.  She eats a pretty big amount of food for how tiny she is.
-She is still wearing 9 - 12 month clothes, size 2 shoes, and size 3 diapers........she is a tiny little sweet pea.
-She loves watching Davis and now is staring to copy him (this can be a good and bad thing...ha!)
-She is still allergic to eggs.
-Gives hugs and kisses and seems to be pretty lovable.
-Takes two naps each lasting about an hour an a half to two and a half hours.
-She is a mamma's girl, but she is starting to be a daddy's girl as well, I think he is pretty whooped with her and I don't blame him.
-Sleeps all night and has been for a long time.  She is a great sleeper.  You just lay her down and she goes to sleep on her own, no rocking her like Davis and it is so nice.  She goes to bed between 7 and 8 and gets up around 7 or when Davis goes in to get her up.  As soon as he hears her he runs in and gets in her crib.  They play in there and have the best time.
-She has so much hair and looks like a mad scientist if you don't put it up, but the problem is she tries to take out every bow you put in her is a daily battle.
-Lance and I joke that God has big plans for her SERIOUSLY!  She fell out of her stroller onto concrete at the zoo when she was just a few weeks old and then she fell down a whole flight of stairs and both times we were SCARED to death and both times she has been 100% fine.  I hate to even admit both of these things happened, but it needs to be here for the record...right.  Children's Healthcare probably has us on a "watch" list.  :)
-She is so easy going and just goes along with the flow.  If she has to miss a nap she just adjusts accordingly.....I have to say this is so nice since we are on the go with Davis.  On Sundays she totally misses her morning nap because we have church and Lance and I teach a small group of 2nd graders from 9 - 10 and then we go to church from 11-12, so it is a long day but she has adjusted fine and we are so thankful for that.
-She likes to play with whatever Davis is playing with and if that is building something she LOVES to knock it over.  He is ok with this most of the time.

And her Stats.....she is on the tiny side and we have had a battle trying to get her moving up the chart, but I think she is just going to be petite and that is just fine with me.  I was tiny as a child and it looks like she will be as well.  We have had to go in for weight checks along the way, but now they are a little concerned with her height so we are going to check on that at 14 months just to make sure she is growing.

Weight:  18.38 Pounds 24%
Length:  27.5 Inches 3% (LOL, she is on the short side for right now)
Head Circumference:  17.9 Inches 62%

We are all loving this little girl and we could not have asked for a better addition to our family.  We are so thankful that God picked our family for her to join.  She is perfect for all of us.  We pray daily that we can raise her to be the daughter of God that He created her to be.  She already has such a sweet spirit, and we can't wait to see what God has in store for her life.

Her Party Update is coming next.