Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big BOY we come!

~December 23,2010~

Davis is officially becoming a BIG BOY! Since he is going to have a little sister arriving in February we thought it was a good time to switch him over to his big boy bed. He helped Lance put the bed together and he seemed really excited about his new bed.

Daddy's little helper!

Here is the finished product! Now I just have to go shopping for a few little things to make his room a little more fun. I LOVE how it all turned out, more pictures to come.

His first night in the big boy bed was on December 29th and so far so good! Lance and I had prepared for the worst, but he seems to have adjusted just fine. The first morning he cried for us to come get him, now he gets up and walks to Lance's side of the bed and says "hi" is so cute!

Davis in Daddy's Shoes

~December 23, 2010~
I was cleaning the kitchen up and wrapping gifts and it was really quiet, so I thought for sure Davis was up to no good, but this is what I found and it was just too cute! He was walking around saying Daddy and pointing to his shoes.

He walked all the way into the foyer to the Christmas tree.

Then he TRIED some dance moves....haha!

He keeps us smiling for sure!

Davis Gets Tubes!

~December 22, 2010~
Well, the day has come.....Davis had to get tubes! He has had about 5 ear infections, which is not too many, but this last one we could not get rid of. He tried several rounds of antibiotics, then a series of three painful Rocephin shots. The shots finally cleared the infection, but he still had fluid behind his right off to the ENT we went.
I have been worried about Davis' speech for a while, I kept telling Lance that it sounded muffled, but I also knew that the teacher in me begins to worries about these sort of things too much. I really felt like he was not pronouncing sounds like he used to. He understood everything we said and would follow commands so I was not super worried, but in the back of my mind I thought something was not right. Davis is saying a ton of words but none of his words were very clear.
They did a hearing test at the ENT and we realized that Davis was not hearing very well which of course had me immediately worried. The ENT suggested one more round of antibiotics, but it did not work so I pushed to get tubes ASAP as I did not want this to delay his speech. So, they scheduled us for the 22nd of December.
Davis did great with the surgery! The worst part was he was not scheduled until 11:05, so he did not have anything to eat or drink since 8:00 the night before which was rough! Lance went back with him while they put him to sleep, I am glad he was able to have one of us with him. The doctors warned Lance that he would get extremely fussy and he proved them all wrong. Davis went right to sleep, they told Lance he was the best patient they had that day. The doctor said that the surgery went well, but that he had a large amount of thick fluid behind both ears, which meant he was not hearing much at all.
I cannot believe the difference in his speech, he is speaking so much more clear now and he is trying to say more things each day. Lance and I are so excited to see this!
I cannot say enough good things about Children's Healthcare of Atlanta! They took such good care of Davis! They even had clowns that came to each of the rooms with toys, tricks, and they even sang Christmas songs....Davis LOVED this!
Waiting for Surgery
Picking a prize out of the prize closet with Daddy! Davis picked a set of three construction trucks.

Davis waiting for Surgery here!
Me ~ 30 Weeks Pregnant

He was not to sure of his gown!

Davis was running around the surgery center like he owned the place. The nurses told him he could run around all he wanted to. His favorite place was the chalkboard wall. He also blew everyone kisses as they left the surgery center.....he is a mess!

We are so thankful that everything went well! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with the Lightles!

Annual Christmas Trip to the Mountains - Lightle Family
Vogel State Park
December 18 - 20th
This is a Lightle family tradition they started years ago. I love this tradition because it gives us time to just relax as a family which is exactly what I love about the holidays. This is my 8th trip with the family....that is so hard to believe. This is always a fun time and Lance and I look forward to it each year. I am looking forward to next year when I can actually go on the hikes. I was laughing thinking in 2008 I was pregnant with Davis and so swollen I could not do anything, in 2009 I was nursing Davis and could not leave him for long periods of time, and now 2010 I am pregnant again! Anyhoo we had a great time and are already looking forward to next year. I didn't do as well this year taking pictures because all I do is CHASE Davis!

Uncle Sam, Papa & Davis

Davis getting ready for a walk.

Nana, Davis & Great Grandma Lightle

Davis and Aunt Anna

Davis & Cousin Sarah

Davis and Cousin Tucker

Davis and Cousin Sarah
Adam, Davis & Sarah

Guitar Music - Davis loved this he danced and danced! He was eating up all the attention he was getting. Everyone would clap after a song was played and he thought everyone was clapping at him...ha!


It's Party Time!

Davis' First Christmas Party at School
~December 17, 2010~
One of the perks of working at home is being able to attend all of Davis' school events and volunteer to help, which I LOVE! His party consisted of a special snack, a craft (Making a nativity scene out of stickers), and a book exchange. It was so cute and Davis had so much fun. We are so blessed to have him in such a good class. We love his teachers Mrs. Cassie and Ms. Paddie. I know he is loved on by them each day and I could not ask for anything more!

His class, I still cannot believe they sit so nicely at this table and eat!
Mrs. Cassie helping Davis with his craft.

I love how he is looking at her here.

Trying to get a picture of Parker and Davis with their crafts, but it wasn't working out to well.

Book Exchange