Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day Pictures

Well, I know this post is a little late, but here are all our pictures from Christmas. I am going to do Lance and his friend Joey (I hope you are reading this Joey) a favor and not write much. Just enjoy the pictures! We spent Christmas Eve with the Cones and Christmas Day with the Kreylings. We had a WONDERFUL Christmas, but most of all we enjoyed just spending quality time with our families!
Davis with Aunt Karen "Wa Wa"
(Karen - You know Lance is going to teach Davis that you are WaWa not Karen.)
Davis meeting Ava, and I don't think Ava knows what to think of Davis, but Davis sure liked Ava!

Isn't Ava precious? I just love her!!
Annual Christmas Eve brunch at the Smith's with the Parmers, Smiths, and Prices

Neal (PaPa), Gail (Nana), Anna, Me, Davis, Lance, Brittany & Blake

All of Karen, Carmen, and Becky

Davis and his one of many presents from Nana!

Davis' first guitar from his PaPa! I can't wait till Davis is old enough for PaPa to teach him how to play.

We forgot our high chair, so we were very resourceful and tied Davis to the bar stool with a scarf! Please don't call defacs on us......Davis actually liked it! We had to do the same thing at my mom and dad's on Christmas. Hey, this may be easier than packing up the high chair...ha!

Davis LOVES his Uncle Blake and his Aunt Anna!

Aunt Brittany and Uncle Blake made Davis a rocking chair with his name on it! Davis loves it! So special to have a chair hand painted by Uncle Blake.

Aunt Brittany, Davis & Uncle Blake

Davis & Great Grandma Cone

Davis and his presents Christmas morning at the Kreylings

Davis helping MeMe read the Christmas Story from the Bible. We always have breakfast and then read the Christmas Story before opening gifts.

Dad (Opa)

Lance and his orange. Dad always puts an orange at the bottom of our stockings. Once you hit the orange you know there is nothing left. Just another family tradition!

Davis and his Harvard hat

"I love you Uncle Justin!"
Chair from MeMe and Opa

Even Davis got an orange in his stocking!
Opa, Davis, MeMe