Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Davis thinks his dad is RAD!!
Davis and Opa

Me and My Dad

Me, Lance, and Davis

Lance got to celebrate his first Father's Day which was so special. Those of you who know Lance know that he does NOT like gifts or anyone spending money on him. He always says the best gift is to spend no money on him. This always makes it difficult and makes me so mad, but he really is right. The best gifts are not about what you buy. Just one look at Davis and you know that the best gifts cannot be bought. It was nice just to celebrate being a family of three this Father's and Mother's Day. We are so blessed!

I always prayed that I would marry a wonderful husband and that my husband would be a wonderful father. Having a family was so important to me and something I thought about all the time. My prayers were obviously answered when I met Lance. I always knew Lance would be a wonderful father, but now it is so fun to see him be a father to Davis. Lance is the best Dad ever!

Below are the things Davis loves about his Daddy:
  • I love to lay on Daddy's chest and fall asleep.
  • I love when Daddy tries to make me laugh.
  • I love when Daddy makes up silly songs and sings them to me
  • I love the way Daddy tells me good-bye every morning. Even if I am asleep, he still comes in my room and has to take a peek at me.
  • I love the way Daddy talks to me and teaches me all kinds of new things. He always talks to me like I am a little person. I like that!
  • I love kisses and hugs from Daddy.
  • I love the way Daddy smiles when he sees me after a long day at work. I know he has had a long hard day and he always says, "Let me hold my little buddy".
  • I love watching my Daddy mow the lawn and shave his face. I can't wait to be a big boy like my Daddy.
  • I love going on walks with Mommy, Daddy, and Hershel.
  • I love thinking about the days ahead with my Daddy. I can't wait to fish, play soccer, and golf. We have so much to look forward to.
Lance was able to celebrate Father's Day with his dad and brother on Saturday. They all went to play golf which they love to do. They have such treasured moments playing golf and going fishing. I am so glad they were able to have some father son time. I love my father-in-law and am so thankful for the example he is to Lance. I know this is why Lance is such a good dad today.

We celebrated with my Dad, grandpa Pope, and Uncle Kelton (it was fun having my grandpa and uncle with us this year) on Sunday. Dad cooked his famous spaghetti and we all enjoyed dinner and visiting together. I have the best Dad in the world. He has taught me so many things and has been such a good example to me through all these years. My dad has always taught me the value of education and treating people with respect and love and maybe that is why I am a teacher today. And of course his motto he always taught me ever since I was a little girl....."All guys are scum!" but as he said at our wedding, Lance has proved him wrong!! But the best thing about my dad is all the memories I have of us together as a family. He has always been a very involved dad and spent so much time with us growing up. I remember going to college classes with dad, bargain shopping trips in Boston, family vacations, being baptised by my dad, helping me with school work, playing board games, beach vacations, long talks, family dinners, moves across the country in the Uhaul, watching the stars outside, banging pots and pans to ring in the new year, oranges in Christmas stockings, father daughter dances, basketball games in the driveway, driving the golf cart while he played golf, our father daughter dance at the wedding, seeing his smile when he held Davis for the first time and the list goes on and on! I love you Dad!!
We also love our grandpas and are so thankful for everything they have done for our families. As I always say, families are so special and we are so blessed with our families.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Davis' Baby Blessing

Tired Davis---He is Worn Out!
Family Picture

Me, Grandpa Pope, and Davis

Grandma and Grandpa Pope, Me, and Davis

The Cone Family
Blake, Lance, Me, Gail, Davis, Grandma Lightle, Anna, and Neal

The Kreyling Family
Justin, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Pope, Me, Davis, Lance, and Dad
*Notice: Davis is NOT liking these pictures. I was just worried about him crying or pooping during his blessing and neither happened thank goodness, so I guess a crying baby is what I get in the pictures. He was just SOOOOO tired!!*
My Mom's Family
Justin, Davis, Me, Lance
Kelton, Kathy, Grandma and Grandpa Pope, Dad, Mom, Kelli, Kiley, and Hadley
Dear Friends
Beth, Lance, Davis, Me, Kelley, and Casey
(We missed you Rodney)

Davis in his blessing outfit. My mom made the beautiful white blanket he is laying on.

We had family fly in from Utah and Arizona on Tuesday, June 16th. They stayed for a week. My Grandma and Grandpa Pope, Aunt Kelli, Uncle Kelton, Aunt Kathy, and my cousin Kiley and her daughter Hadley all came to meet Davis. They all stayed at my mom's house and we had a blast. It is so much fun having them here and it makes me wish they all lived closer. Since we do not see them often, I feel like we go non stop and after they all leave you feel exhausted!

My Grandpa Pope gave me a blessing when I was a baby and he asked if he could give Davis a blessing. A baby blessing is very similar to a baby dedication. I was so touched that he wanted to do this for Davis. We decided to to this ceremony at my mom's house rather than church so it would be a little more informal and intimate with just a small group. My grandfather blessed Davis with a beautiful blessing. His words were beautiful and so sweet. It brought tears to my eyes hearing the words my grandfather spoke. It was so nice to have our families there for this special time. Davis is so loved! Lance and I are looking forward to raising Davis to be the best person he can be and to teach him to always put Christ at the center of all he does. Lance and I heard a great sermon about raising kids. It said to teach, model what you teach, and pray. So simple, but so true. I am a very firm believer in modeling. I guess that is the teacher in me. I think leading by example is huge. We are so thankful for the wonderful families and friends we both have. Thank you all for coming and supporting us on this day. We Love You!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Times Good Friends

Beth and Rodney, Me and Lance and Davis, Kelley and Casey and Annie

Lance and I have been blessed with the best friends. I know I say that all of the time, but we really are so fortunate. They are just like family to us! We all have so much fun together. Casey and Kelley had us up to the mountain (we tease them because they live in Jasper where there is not much of anything) for dinner. Those of you who know Lance know that he is NOT a birthday person and I am a birthday person. I felt like I had to do something for his birthday since he is turning the big 30. I thought about several ideas, but I knew he would not want a surprise party or lots of people coming over so I thought I would just surprise him with a birthday cake at Casey and Kelley's. I knew that would be about all he would go for. We sang happy birthday and he was a good sport. I am also turning 30 in August so I think we are going to do a night out in Atlanta and stay the night in a hotel and leave Davis with the grandparents. We will see if that happens, but that is the birthday plan for now. It will be so nice to have a night out.

Aunt Beth and Davis
Lance and his Birthday Cake--Happy 30th Lance
Lance, Casey, and Beth

We set up two of our friends and both couples got married last year. It is so crazy the way things work out sometimes. This all worked out too perfectly. The six of us try to get together as much as we can. I taught with Kim and Judith at Sharon Elementary. But, this year I took a new job at Midway Elementary. I miss Kim and Judith so much. We had so many good times teaching together. Kim and Justin just had a baby three weeks after us. Her name is Ella and she is so sweet and tiny. Judith and Allen cooked dinner for us over at Kim and Justin's house and we all had a great time catching up with each other.

Allen and Judith

Baby Ella

Justin and Lance feeding the babies

Me, Barbara Garceau, Danielle Murphy, Kim Murphy, Davis Cone, Koni Kreyling, and Gage Murphy

I grew up with the Garceau family. They were like family to us since our family was all out of state. Kim just had twins and they all came over to visit Davis. It was so nice to visit with everyone.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I am Two Months Old

Dear Family and Friends,

It is time for me to write again. I am two months old today and cannot believe it is going so quick. I am telling you.....I am growing like a weed!! The doctor said I am a healthy growing boy. I now weigh 12 pounds 13 ounces (74%). I am 24.25 inches long (87%). I had to get six shots at my two month doctor appointment. Why do we have to go through that? I cried real loud for about 30 seconds and then I was fine. I was a little fussy that evening, but I woke up happy as could be.

I am already taking after my daddy. I am a morning person. I wake up mommy and daddy every morning with coos, grunts, squeals, and smiles. My favorite time to talk is in the morning, at bath time, and during diaper changes.......I LOVE to be NAKED!!

I was a really slow eater, so my mom had the lactation nurse take a look at me. It was taking me 30-40 minutes to drink a bottle and over an hour to breastfeed. She told my mom that I could benefit from some occupational therapy to help me be a more efficient eater. My frenulum was attached when I was born and because of that I have to be retrained on how to suck correctly. I think if you looked at me you could tell I am getting all the food I need, but I guess I am a little too slow. My dad did not think this OT thing would help and either did I. My mom and I went to our first OT appointment and Nurse Mary did all these silly exercises with her finger in my mouth. She told my mom to do these exercises with me a few times a day. After Mary helped me I could breastfeed in 30 minutes. My mom seemed so happy and my dad was amazed that the OT could help that quickly. I only have to go one more time to OT and then I should be cured!

I am loving getting older and being able to do more things. Here are a few of my highlights from the the last month.
  • I love to socialize with everyone.
  • I like to lay on my back and socialize with people up close.
  • I coo, smile, and squeal in reaction to peoples faces and voices.
  • I am more aware and love to look at lights, the TV, and people's faces.
  • I now watch Hershel move around the house.
  • Beware if you hold me....I am a powerful pooper and have pooped on several people. Mommy is always warning everyone and handing me over with a blanket in case I poop on them. I thought it was just the chance you took when you held a baby.
  • I am so strong....I can hold my head up with barely any help.
  • I love to stand and sit up with help of course.
  • When I do tummy time, I lift my head up so good and am trying to turn over....I am really close. I also move my legs back and forth like I am trying to crawl.
  • I love to be part of all the action. I do not sleep much during the day because I may miss something fun, but I definitely sleep at night.
  • I sleep between 4 and 7 hours at night. Every night is different.
  • I eat every three to four hours.
  • I LOVE to be held.
  • I am pretty happy except when I want to eat, be held, or I am sleepy. If I am hungry, sleepy, or want to be held you can hear my scream a mile away. I have some powerful lungs.
  • I smile and laugh when I fart. Why are farts so funny?
  • I never want to stay still....I kick and squirm all of the time. I practice my karate moves every night before I finally go to sleep. I can hear my mom and dad laughing at me when they watch me on the video monitor. I just kick as hard as I can until I fall flat asleep.
  • I met several new little friends this month. I met Ella Eades and she is beautiful. I am twice her size. I guess God did that on purpose so I could protect her. We had fun drinking our bottles together. I also met Danielle and Gage Murphy. They are twins and are a little older and bigger than me. I can't wait to be bigger like them. They could do some cool things that I cannot do yet. I also met Georgia Smith. Her mom works with my mom. We are six weeks apart and we are both big kids. I am going to have lots of girls to pick from when I get older.

I am looking forward to meeting my Great Grandma and Grandpa Pope, Aunt Kelli, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Kelton, and my cousins Kiley and Hadley. They are all flying here to meet me. My Great Grandpa Pope is going to give me a blessing. I am also looking forward to going to the beach for the first time for the 4th of July with the Cone's. I have a lot to look forward too this next month.

Well, stay tuned for another update on my third month letter. Life is still great.



Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Post

I have not been the best about updating our blog lately so this will be a random LONG post.
Here are several old pictures I never posted.....
I have tried and tried to get Hershel to lay on a dog bed. I bought him a real nice bed from Orvis and he will have nothing to do with it. I came downstairs the other night and what did I see.......Hershel sound asleep on Davis' Boppy Lounger. Go figure, he hates his dog bed but he loves Davis' Lounger.

Davis sleeps with his arms straight out like this. I think it is so cute!

Davis asleep on Daddy!

Bath Time!

This is a old picture I fogot to post. Here is Davis and Uncle Casey.

Another old picture I forgot to post. This is Davis when is is two weeks old with Uncle Blake and Aunt Brittany.

Another old picture (not the best picture) of my dear friends Kelley and Beth and Davis when he was 4 weeks old. I don't know what I would do without these two girls. Lance and I enjoy spending time with these girls and their husbands. The six of us have so much fun together. It is so nice to have such special friends.

Uncle Justin and Davis - 5 Weeks

Now we are caught up to the present time!!
My new sling...I LOVE this and Davis does too!!

Davis found his thumb!!

Sarah's Graduation Party with the Family

Great Grandma
The Lightle Family

The graduate, Sarah and Davis.
Congratulations Sarah!

Feeding Time

When we first got to the graduation party, I sat Davis on a chair in his carseat. He sat there sound asleep for an hour. He never does that in his carseat. Then we had to wake him up so everyone could hold him. Sorry Davis!

Davis falling asleep on Opa. Doesn't he look so relaxed? I know his head looks uncomfortable but he loves this position.

Davis and Daddy

Bath Time! Davis LOVES his baths!

My mom's friend Judy came all the way from Las Vegas for a visit. They could not get enough of Davis while she was here. My mom enjoyed having her high school friend here.
Davis Update!! He will be 8 weeks old on Tuesday. He is the happiest baby since we started giving him Mylecon drops before every feeding. His personality is beginning to show more and more. He is making eye contact, recognizing voices and faces, smiling in response to people, and cooing and smiling all the time! He FOUND HIS THUMB!! He will suck on his fist and then all of a sudden he will find his thumb and he will not stop sucking it. It is so cute, but at the same time I don't want him to suck his thumb. Every year I have 2nd graders who are still sucking their thumbs. I don't want that to be Davis. Lance sucked his thumb so I guess he is taking after hid daddy. Lance and I are just in heaven with our little boy. He now weighs 12 and a half pounds. The past two nights he has slept through the night, so we will see if that continues on.

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. We spent Sunday with Lance's family. We travelled to Douglasville for the first time. Davis was so good. Gail and Neal had all of their friends (Aunts and Uncles to Davis) come over for dinner and of course to see Davis. He was so good, but with all the people and commotion, he would not settle down to sleep. He really does not like to miss out on the action. We all had a good time. I did not take any pictures......I need to get better about remembering to take pictures. I had my camera and didn't take any pictures. Then on Monday Lance played golf with my dad, brother, and our friend Casey. My mom and our friend Kelley and I spent the day at the mall with Davis. He was perfect for three hours of shopping and lunch. I guess I couldn't ask for him to be better than that. He was a WAY BETTER shopper than Lance. I think this worried Lance a little bit. He does not need two shoppers in the house! Then my family and our dear friends Casey and Kelley came over for dinner.

First Date Night!! Lance had 4 tickets to a Gwinnett Braves game. So we had my mom come and babysit Davis and we headed out for dinner and the baseball game with Casey and Kelley. We were in the third row on the first baseline. Kelley and I found out very quickly that we were in a perfect spot for foul balls. We almost got hit in the head!! That quickly cut our talking in half because we had to pay attention to the game. It was so weird to leave Davis; but if felt so good to be on a date night. We has such a good time with our friends and I can't wait till our next date night. Meme said Davis was good. He also started sucking his thumb while we were gone. Thanks mom for watching him. We really appreciate it and I know Davis loved having time with his Meme!!

Back to Work!! I went to work Tuesday and Wednesday after Memorial Day for post planning. I had to move my classroom and get some paperwork finished up for the school year. My mom came and helped me get everything moved. She is a lifesaver as always. I can always count on my mom for anything. Thanks Mom!! Lance stayed home with Davis on Tuesday and I took Davis to work with me on Wednesday. Lance was worn out after their day on Tuesday. He called to see when I would be home and I asked how his day had gone. He let me quickly know that he had been pooped on twice and peed on once and Davis had gone through three outfits and he had not even had a second to eat lunch. I just had to laugh! I know Lance and Davis had fun father son time. Lance is just ready to get him on the golf course, soccer field, and fishing. He already warned me that I will not see them much once he can do all these things.

Busy Two Weeks! Well, little by little Lance and I have started bringing Davis out more and more, but I have not been brave enough to do it alone. Well, I just jumped right into that because the past two weeks we have been all over the place. We went to meet Lance for lunch so Davis could meet everyone in the office. Well, Davis of course had to make an entrance. We were only there five minutes........I was holding him and the ladies were all loving on Davis and all of a sudden we heard a big TOOT and poop plopped right out of his pants and fell on the floor. I thought Lance was going to die!! The ladies all laughed and we changed Davis and cleaned up the floor. Davis went to his Opa's office to meet everyone and go out to lunch and then we went to Meme's work to meet all her friends. He was a busy man, but everyone had to see him.

Our dear friends Kim and Justin (We set them up several years ago.) just had a baby three weeks after Davis. Her name is Ella and Davis was twice her size!! We stopped by to see Kim and Ella and had so much fun till they both were crying because they were so hungry. Kim took a couple pictures of Davis and Ella that I will post later. I think they may have a future together (heheh). Ella is a precious little thing. I loved holding her. She felt like a little feather compared to Davis.

Davis loves to be held all the time, so I got a sling to hold him in. Lance and I wanted to try it out first before buying one. We tried one on and he loved it and was asleep in no time. So we ordered one in my size and it came in last week. All I can say is I love my sling. I can now fold laundry, do dishes, clean and eat with him in tote. Life is so much easier! I also purchased one more thing I LOVE!! I love to take long walks and have been wanting a Bob Jogging stroller forever but they are super expensive. We found one on Craigs List for half price that is only a year old and very lightly used. We went to look at it and it was like new so we got it. Everyone says they love their Bob, and now I can say I am LOVING my BOB!! I want to get into running, but Lance doesn't believe I will do it. Since I now have my BOB that is just motivation I to prove him wrong.

Last Saturday Lance's cousin Sarah had her high school graduation party with the family. She will be going to Georgia next year. Congratulations Sarah!! We all cooked out and had the best time. Davis met all his aunts and uncles for the first time. He had so much fun and was very good. He loved sitting outside in the fresh air.

Wow, that was a long post, I will do better about staying on top of it from now on.