Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Cone's Room is Coming Along....

The baby nursery is coming along! Our furniture came in and I was so excited to get it here.

For those of you who do not know the story about our furniture. Lance and I went to look at furniture and picked out what we wanted. We decided on the changing table and crib. We decided against the hutch to save a little money. Well, when I went back to look at it with my mom and her friend, I decided that I really did want the hutch. I came home and told Lance that I wanted the hutch. He didn't say no, but he said we would think about it. I guess all those pregnancy hormones got to me because I started BAWLING and I could not control it!! I could not stop even when I tried. I do not think I have ever cried that hard in my life. He finally said, "We can get the hutch." Then I started laughing because that was so stupid of me to throw a fit; but boy did it work. Lance warned me that it would only work once. I have not tried it again!!

Lance and Blake went to pick up our baby furniture last week in our friend's truck. It is always nice to have a friend with a truck (Thanks Casey and Kelley!!). I was so thankful that Blake was able to help Lance get the furniture; he is the best brother in law! Here are a few pictures of the furniture. The color is a dark brown; it looks black in the pictures because of the lighting.

The walls are a khaki color. Anna is going to paint a canvas with Baby Cone's name on it to put over the crib. Our friend Kelley is going to paint something simple on the walls to give it a little color. Below is a little blue distressed table that I could not pass up.

Lance's Aunt Tricia is going to make the curtains. She does such a wonderful job!! I went with her a couple of weeks ago to pick out fabric and we found some really cute fabrics and the precious blue night stand above. I can't wait till the curtains are finished. I will post pictures once they are up. They are blue and brown. We are still waiting on the baby bedding and the glider chair and ottoman. They should be in before Christmas.
No, this is not our nursery below.....it is the baby bedding we ordered! It is very simple; but I love it! I just ordered the bumper, quilt, sheet, and bed skirt.

I love decorating..........more pictures to come! :)

Count Your Many Blessings!

I know this is a little late for a Thanksgiving post, but I am just getting to updating our blog today. I LOVE the holidays! Each year around Thanksgiving I cannot help but think of the hymn "Count Your Many Blessings". This hymn is such a great reminder to me to be thankful for everything that God has provided us with. We are so fortunate and I am ever so thankful for more things than I can list.
  • I think I am most thankful for LOVE. Without LOVE what would we have?
  • A Wonderful and Supportive Husband
  • Our Health
  • Great Families
  • Great Friends
  • Prayer
Lance and I had Thanksgiving dinner with his family the week before Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with his family. We ate, talked, ate, shopped while the guys went to the driving range, and ate. It was so nice to all be together for a great meal and company. We love spending time with both of our families around the holidays, those are the times we look forward to most!

We spent Thanksgiving Day with my family this year. I wish that our extended family was closer so we could see them around the holidays; but we always have fun with the small family here! There is nothing like being at home; such a good feeling. We had a very nice time visiting and spending quality time together, watching movies, and eating. Of course my brother was putting up the Christmas lights as usual. We call him Clark around Christmas because he lights remind us of the lights in the movie Christmas Vacation. He always does a wonderful job with the lights. My mom and dad's house is always very colorful. Now, I need him to come decorate the outside of our house, only with white lights, but he only does color!! :)

I think Thanksgiving is just a good reminder to us all to be thankful and to help others that are in need all year round. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in helping others around the holidays we forget that people have needs all year long. Sometimes even those that have everything are in need of something. Just keep an open heart to hear and see the needs of others throughout the year. Sometimes just a hug or spending time with someone means more than you will ever know.