Thursday, July 30, 2009

I LOVE Hershel!

"Nice Tongue Hershel!""You are so funny!"
"Hershel, will you kiss my hand?"
"Hershel, will you be my buddy?"

I love feet pictures.

The past few weeks Davis has started watching Hershel and following Hershel's movements with his eyes. Today was the first day I have seen him interact with Hershel. When Hershel would lick his hand he would laugh and then pull his hand away. Then a few minutes later he would stick his hand out and Hershel would lick him and he would laugh again. He also was touching his fur and smiling. It was so cute. I try to keep Hershel out of Davis' face as much as I can, but sometimes he is too quick and sneaks in a little kiss before I can get him away. Here are a few pictures I took of Davis today playing on our bed. He loves to lay on our bed and look at the ceiling fan. Today I took Davis to see Lance at work. They have a new office, so before we left I talked with Davis about NOT pooping on the floor like he did last time. Everyone in the office loved seeing Davis and he did NOT poop on the floor so I guess they will have us back.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy as Ever!

Jodi, Julie, and Me
Julie's Baby Shower
My two best friends from high school. It is so nice to keep in touch with such great friends!
Aunt Kelley and Davis

When we went to Derek and Jenn's baby shower we left Davis with his Nana and Papa because their house was right on the way to the shower. Casey and Kelley drove with us and the guys played golf with Lance's dad while Kelley and I went to lunch with Gail and Anna and then we went to the baby shower. It was fun to hang out with friends and I know Davis had fun with his Nana. While we were there, Gail's friend Karen came over and brought her grandchild Charlie. Charlie has a new baby sister Molly Kate so he was fascinated with Davis. He was so cute with him. He says the cutest things. he told Davis he could just eat him up. He also touched his head and said he was that not precious. Charlie's dad is a preacher......looks like Charlie may be following his footsteps.

Charlie, Karen, and Davis

Me, Jenn, and Kelley
Jenn's Baby Shower

We have been so busy lately It seems like every weekend we have something going on which has been fun.....but tiring with a little one now. We had two baby showers in a row. One for our friends Jenn and Derek. We went to college with Derek and we have now become good friends with his wife Jenn. She is also a teacher so we have tons in common. Then I had a shower for one of my best friends from high school Julie. Julie is married to a friend of ours from high school Jake. Jenn and Julie are both having girls; so I had fun getting their gifts together!! My mom helped me make some baby quilts which turned out so cute......I should have taken a picture. Now this weekend we have a shower for our friend Katie who is having a boy. Yeah, at least one boy for Davis to hang out with. I don't know what he is going to do with all these girls.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My First Date with Georgia

Georgia has her hands all over me.....I think I like this.
Georgia is six weeks older than me so she can show me the ropes.

Georgia, I am ready to go home now.

I am not really sure about this whole dating thing.....

We went to Cinco's Mexican restaurant with our moms and had so much fun. I could not stop talking to Georgia. Our moms did not understnad what I was saying, but I know Georgia did.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am Three Months Old

Hershel just had to get in my three month picture. He LOVES me!
"Don't mess with me, this is my 3 month mean face!"

Dear Family and Friends,

It seems like I just wrote a letter. Boy does time go by fast. I am doing great and am loving being a baby. One thing is for sure; I do not want to miss out on anything. I don't really like to take naps during the day because I do not want to miss anything fun. My mom and dad say this is a problem and have tried to make me take naps. I cry and cry and no one comes to my rescue so I eventually fall asleep. I guess I do feel better when I take a nap, but it sure is not fun. I am continuing to sleep about 9 to 10 hours during the night, so why in the world do my parents think I need to nap??

This was a very busy month for me. My Great Grandma and Grandpa Pope came to visit all the way from St. George Utah. My Great Grandpa came all the way out here to give me a baby blessing. He gave my mom a baby blessing 30 years ago so that was neat to have him bless me too. My Uncle Kelton and Kelli also came out from St. George Utah along with my cousin Kiley and her daughter Hadley from Las Vegas and my Aunt Kathy from Arizona. My cousin Hadley is two years old and so much fun. I cannot wait until I am two years old. Hadley could walk around and do so many cool things. I had so much fun with all the family, but I was worn out when they went home. They kept me really busy. While they were here I went to the aquarium for the first time. I loved looking at all the fish. I also went to the Varsity in Atlanta for the first time.

My dad turned 30 this month and my mom turns 30 next month. They are getting OLD!! I watched fireworks with Opa and MeMe and did not even get scared. I loved looking at the fireworks. I also spent a week at the beach (Destin, Florida) this month with my mommy, daddy, Great Grandma Cone, Nana, and Papa. I had so much fun. I was happy as long as I was outside. While I was at the beach I found the greatest toy and it is connected to me at all times..........MY FEET! Feet are really fun; I wish I found them earlier. I took the best naps out on the covered deck. My Nana and Papa made me a comfy bed that I loved to lay on. I was not scared of the water at all. I can't wait to go back next year and play in the water and build sand castles. My mom and dad said I was too little to do all those fun things this year.

I love to lay on my activity mat and look and play with all the toys that hang over my head. I swing at the toys with my fists and sometimes I get lucky and grab one with my hand. I like to hold my lovey bear and frog and I put anything I can in my mouth.

I can do so many new things. I feel like I do new cool things everyday. Here are some of my cool things from this month:
  • I was blessed by my Great Grandpa Pope
  • I met my Great Grandma and Grandpa Pope
  • I went to the Atlanta Aquarium
  • I watched fireworks on the 4th of July
  • I went to Destin, Florida and stayed at Great Grandma Cone's beach house
  • I am sleeping through the night (between 9-10 hours)
  • I am eating every 3 hours and I can go all night without eating
  • I LOVE my food.........I am drinking 7-8 ounces
  • I am getting so strong.....I love to kick my legs real hard
  • When on my tummy, I can lift my head and chest up with no help
  • I am really close to rolling over
  • I love to stand up while someone is holding me
  • I can hold my head with no support at all
  • I like to sit up with help
  • I am using my hands all the time
  • I bat at objects
  • I hold objects that are put in my hand
  • I like to cuddle with my bear or frog lovey
  • I grab hold of anything I can and try to put everything in my mouth
  • I found my feet and now I grab them all the time
  • I smile at people
  • I am starting to laugh
  • I am ticklish on my tummy
  • I laugh when someone touches my nose and makes a beeping sound
  • I blow spit bubbles out of my mouth
  • I am drooling LOTS
  • I am sucking my thumb when I am tired or hungry
  • I like to listen to MeMe, Daddy, and Mommy sing songs to me
  • I DO NOT like to take naps and I get red circles around my eyes when I get tired
  • I LOVE to be naked
  • I TOOT and POOP all of the time
  • I like to watch Hershel
  • I love playing on my activity mat
  • I like riding in cars as long as they are moving

I will write again soon!

I love you all so much!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Beach Vacation

"I am ready for the beach!"
We had the best time at the beach! We stayed at Lance's Grandma's house in Destin. It is right on the beach so you can't beat that. His grandparents purchased this house in 1982 so Lance and his family have spent lots of time here. We would come down and spend some of our college spring breaks and summer breaks with his Grandma and Grandaddy. I loved coming down and getting to spend time with Carmen and Dub. Dub is no longer with us and it is always sad coming to the beach without him. Lance and I were talking about how much we missed his Grandaddy this time. He would have loved to see Davis enjoying the beach. We know he was watching down on us from heaven and I am sure he was smiling ear to ear. I started coming with Lance to the beach in 2000. Lance and I have so many memories at the beach and now it is fun to create memories with Davis. There is a covered deck area so it was perfect with Davis. He could sit out on the deck and stay away from the heat and sun. Lance and I got to relax and spend time together because of course Nana watched Davis the whole time we were there. We can't wait to go back soon.
Nana and Papa made made Davis a bed underneath the covered deck so Davis could stay outside and not get too hot or too much sun. Davis took LONG naps here everyday. The past two weeks Davis has NOT been taking naps during the day. He gets so sleepy that his eyes get round circles around them. I go to lay him down and he screams. I have started to lay him in his crib and let him cry it out because I know he needs to sleep. He will cry for about 12 to 20 minutes and then finally fall asleep. Sometimes he cries for over 30 minutes and then I just have to go get him and rock him to sleep. He just doesn't want to miss out on anything. I was worried about him taking naps at the beach but that was no problem. I guess we just need to move to a house on the beach so Davis can take naps. Sounds good to me!!

"I am trying to grab my toes. This is my newest trick."

"I LOVE my Mommy!"

The water was picture perfect the last four days! We were going to leave on Saturday, but I convinced everyone to stay one more day. I could have stayed another week......I was not ready to go home.

"I am ready to be a big boy. Next year I am going to be walking on this beach!"

"Days at the beach are hard work! I am WORN OUT!"

The beach houses in the background are where we stayed. It is so nice to just walk out the back door and be on the beach. It is pretty close to paradise!

"I am not scared of the water!"

Look how clear the water is! Lance and his dad went fishing one day and a huge sea turtle swam right past them. Lance said they could have touched it. I wish I could have seen it.

Date Night
Nana and Papa watched Davis so we could go on a date. It was so nice to actually eat together. Lance and I currently eat in shifts. We went to our favorite restaurant The Red Bar.

Davis catching his first wave!

" I love my Great Grandma Cone!"

"My Nana played with me all the time. My mom is going to have to entertain me alot next week when we are at home! I am used to lots of attention"

View from the beach house deck.

Time to go home! Thank you Grandma Cone for letting us stay at your house. As always we had a wonderful time and can't wait to come back soon!

"It feels good to be home, but I miss the beach!"