Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!

Don't you love the title, "I Ain't Afraid of NO Ghosts!" Lance thought of that!

I guess Davis was so excited for Halloween that he DID NOT want to nap all day. He slept for 25 minutes total all day which made for a very unhappy baby when we were ready to take pictures, but we still managed to get some cute ones.

Lance has pretty much taken over all the cooking at our house; which I LOVE! It is like having a personal chef. He decided to make some chili this morning to have for dinner. MeMe, Opa, and Uncle Justin came over for dinner and to see Davis in his costume. The chili Lance made was delicious and everyone loved it! We did not have near as many trick-or-treaters this year due to the weather. I am so ready for the rain to STOP!

We love our Little Nemo!

Davis sat on Opa's lap for a LONG time! You can't see Opa's lap, but it is covered with all kinds of toys. Anything to keep him happy! :)

We tried and tried for a happy picture, but Davis was not going to cooperate.

Our neighborhood had a costume parade. We watched from our driveway. Next year, we will have Davis participate. He liked watching all the kids walk by.

It was either a FROWN or a PACI so we chose paci!


Opa - Thank you for my Harvard jacket!! I LOVE it! Maybe one day I will graduate from Harvard too, you NEVER KNOW!!
I LOVE you!
My mom and dad just got back from Boston. My dad had his 20th law school reunion. They had a good time.......who doesn't have fun in Boston? Mom and Dad brought us all back goodies from the Harvard Coop. Davis got a little jacket that I just love! My dad decided to go to law school after having a family. So, we all feel like we graduated from Harvard! Justin and I were in all of dad's yearbooks......for some reason we were always with dad on yearbook picture day. We loved going to class with dad when we had days off of school. Since, I was a little girl dad taught me about how important education was and I was able to see it first hand as I watched dad go to college and then graduate from Harvard Law School......I am so thankful for his example to me and my mom's example of being a supportive wife and mom. I will have to tell the whole story of this time in our lives another day. It is a long story, but one I treasure and would like to have written down for Davis to have. Our family had such special memories in Boston!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Davis Meets Tayler...Love at First Sight

Our friends Jenn and Derek just had their first baby, Tayler, in August and we met her for the first time a couple of weekends ago. We were going to all go to the Apple Festival, but of course it rained....imagine that! So they ventured over to our house to hang out for the afternoon. We had such a great time. Tayler is such a cutie. She weighs just a little more than Davis did when he was born and she is two months old.......that is CRAZY! She was so sweet and a little cuddle bug. I could have held her all day. Davis is to busy these days to cuddle. Davis has so many girl friends and he really is a ladies man. It seems like he is always being sweet on the baby girls. But I will have to say he did have the hots for Tayler. He even tried to kiss her before they left. Young Love starts early! I say this over and over again, but Lance and I are blessed with so many good friends and we are so thankful for that. We both went to college with Derek and have kept in touch ever since. The four of us have so much fun together and now we have two little ones that make it even better.
"Tayler, I would really would rather be jumping right now....."
"Tayler, hold on a second. I am a little preoccupied, but I will pay attention to you in just a minute. I PROMISE!"
You can see Davis' little hand reaching tor Tayler's hand.

"Okay, Tayler I am ready. What do you want to talk about?"

Jenn, Tayler, Me, Davis

"Tayler, I love your hair. I wish I had some hair like that. Mine fell out."

"Tayler, are you ok in my bumbo seat? Just wait, once you can sit up you can do all sorts of things."

Jenn and I were talking away and we looked in the other room and saw Lance and Derek playing with Davis' toys. They did not want this picture on the blog. I thought it was cute. They are both such good Dads!!

"Tayler, do you have to go home? I loved having you over to my house. Can I give you a good-bye kiss?"

"I love you Tayler. Come back to play soon!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Real Food.....Here I Come!!

Well, Davis started eating baby foods on Monday, October 19th. We started with sweet potatoes and he LOVED them! At first he was not so sure, but after about 3 bites, he was all about it. He likes to try to take the spoon and feed himself and then it gets really messy. Between bites he starts breathing really heavy until you give him more food. He is so funny! This week we tried squash and that was not his favorite. Lance was feeding him and he ate the first few bites fine and then he realized it was not sweet potatoes and he started gagging. I have been mixing a little squash in with his sweet potatoes and he is eating it now. Davis is eating baby food twice a day. He is eating 2 tablespoons of rice cereal and two - three table spoons of vegetables at lunch and at dinner. We will try carrots next week.
"Mom, I am not so sure about this....."

"Hmmm, I think I might like this orange stuff..."

"Oh yeah, I love these sweet potatoes! Give me more, give me more, give me more!!!"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

If you haven't heard......Davis is a "Ladies Man"

Davis and I took a little trip after work to visit my best friend from high school, Julie. She just had a baby in August, and I wish we could have made this visit a little sooner, but better late than never I guess. It was so nice to see her and her sweet baby girl. I also got to visit with her husband Jake who I also was friends with in high school. We had such a nice visit.

It seems like all of my friends have had girls, I guess that is why Davis seems to really be sweet on the ladies......although, you can't tell that from the way he is acting with Calleigh in these pictures. We had to have a major discussion on the way home about how you need to keep your hands to yourself. I had to tell him, that there will be no hitting, kicking, or pulling on your friends. When Davis saw Calleigh, he immediately tried to pull her hair, then he pulled her socks off, and then he went after the hair bow.

These pictures are not the best. Trying to get two babies to cooperate was not easy. And I am not so sure Jake knew how to work my camera....the moms heads are cut off in every picture.....oh well!!
Davis, Me, Julie Reszel Massey, and Calleigh
"Calleigh, I NEED that headband....NOW!!!"

"Calleigh, watch me......I am the best jumper in town."

"Mom, I think Calleigh and I have had ENOUGH........I mean look at us!"

Precious Moments

It doesn't get any better than this! My little buddy sleeping in my arms just MELTS my heart!

Daddy's Little Buddy

Davis LOVES to spend time with his Daddy. He loves to sit on Lance's shoulder and scratch his head. Every time Lance puts him on his shoulder he scratches away. His little fingers look so cute when he scratches. That is one of our favorite things he does right now.

This picture is "priceless". My two favorite boys having the time of their lives. Davis lives for the moment Lance comes home from work and plays with him. He has such a fun personality right now. When Lance tickles him he laughs so hard he can barely catch his breath. This picture reminds me of how we should all be thankful for the "little" things in life that mean so much.