Sunday, February 28, 2010

KK Designs--Towel Orders--Ribbon Choices

Several of you have inquired about the towels. We are in the process of getting KK Designs website set up, but we are still open for business if you would like to go ahead and place an order. These towels would make great Easter gifts!! So far we have 10 ribbon choices. If you had a different pattern of ribbon in mind, just let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I can find it. There are tons of cute ribbons out there.

There are two different types of towels to order:

  • Hooded Towels 30 X 54 - Great for infants, toddlers, or small children
  • Bath Sheets 30 X 60 - Great for older children, teenagers, and even adults (The bath sheets will look the same as the hooded towels, minus the hood.)
Cost: $28.00 (without monogramming) $38.00 (with monogramming)

Shipping: FREE while we are getting started!! :)

If you would like to place an order, please email me the following information at:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Towel Choice (Hooded Towel or Bath Sheet)
  • Ribbon Choice (pick from the list/pictures below)
  • Monogramming (Yes or No) if yes please include exactly what you would like monogrammed on the towel
It will take about 5-7 days to get your order placed, made, and shipped. You will receive an email once your order is shipped to you. Inside your package, I will include an invoice and a stamped and self addressed envelope for you to send your payment back to me.

Ribbon Choices

Blue & Brown Dots

Green & Brown Dots

Blue, Tan & Brown Stripe

Brown & Pink Flowers

Pink & Green Stripe

Dark Brown & Two Blue Stripes

Brown & Pink Dots

Turquoise, Brown, Green & White Striped

Hot Pink & White Dots

Pink, Tan, & Brown Striped
Have a GREAT week!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

KK Designs......."Handmade Creations With Love"

Is this a hobby...Could it be something more....Could this turn into something great......time will tell....but for now, I am having fun spending time with my mom sewing!

Our completed towels.....they turned out awesome!

Well, my mom and I have been very busy the last few days....sewing!! My mom started making these hooded towels a couple of years ago. She got the idea from my Aunt Kellie. These towels are the best hooded towels EVER!! I hate the baby towels that are too small and not absorbent at all! These towels are thick, absorbent, and the best part is they are big and can grow with your child. I think a nine year old could even use this towel. Since I know lots of people having babies right now, we have been making a lot of these towels. Everyone has told us we should sell them, and we thought about it several times, but never got on it. Well, that has now changed and our company is going to be called KK Designs. I was in one of my favorite boutique stores last week having one of our towels monogrammed for a shower when the lady behind me asked if the towels were sold there. The owner said they were not, but that I made them. I had talked with the owner about buying our towels, but we never got serious about it. Well, the lady behind me asked if she could buy a few days later, I sold one to the lady in the store and the store owner has also bought several to place in her boutique and she will see how they do. I think they are just so cute, and they even look cuter monogrammed and it is a great gift that is practical and can grow with the child. We will be setting up a website shortly...this all really came about this week. Let me know if you are interested in having a towel....we would love to make you one. More info to come soon!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heading to Church

Davis is so funny these days! He is standing up all the time on his own, but not taking steps yet. Lance got him all ready for church on Sunday and when I came downstairs this little guy was playing the maracas. He loves to play with anything that makes sound. I think he wanted to join the band at church...ha!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Susan's Baby Shower

One of my best friend's and roommates from college is having a baby girl in April and my mom and I went to her beautiful shower today. Everything was girly and pink...I LOVED it! I hope I have a little girl one day....I just love girly stuff...ha! She is going to name her baby Caroline Ray. I just love the name and can I just say that Caroline just got some of the cutest stuff ever....girls are so fun to buy for...boys are too, but it is just not as fun as girls. I wish that Susan lived closer so that Davis and Caroline could be little buddies. Susan lives in Warner Robbins and that is TOO far away for play dates.....BOO!! Susan looked awesome and was feeling great. I have to say I am so jealous of pregnant women who have ankles and pretty feet at 30 weeks.....wishful thinking for next feet were horrible if you remember my pictures! I had such a fun time catching up with friends at the shower....wish we could do it more often. Susan--you look awesome girly! I will continue praying for you and Jason, your pregnancy, and that sweet pretty baby Caroline. I can't wait to meet her...Love You!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Davis loves to play on our bed! He was just too cute today with not shirt on so......I had to snap a few pictures.

Fun Times With Georgia!

On Tuesday, Gillette and I got Davis and Georgia together for a couple hours at our friend Margaret's house. Last year, I was so worried about beginning a new job at a new school. I had the BEST friends I could have ever asked for at Sharon and I could not imagine work without them. Well, I soon found I did not need to be worried. I have met some great girls at Midway and we all have so much fun together. I work with Gillette and we had Davis and Georgia 6 weeks apart....both babies were around 10 pounds and our labors were very similiar....rough.....and ending in c-sections! So....needless to say Gillette and I have a lot in common. I wish we were able to get Davis and Georgia together more...I am looking forward to summer when we will have more time! Thanks Margaret for having us.....Lunch was fabulous!

"Georgia, can I just rest my head on your shoulder? I am getting sleepy!"

I love this picture. It looks like Davis is trying to kiss Georgia.....and she is not so sure about it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

2nd Haircut

Davis had his second haircut on Monday. His first one was back in December and I forgot to take pictures.......bad mom I know!! Well, Daddy was here to take pictures the 2nd time. He was very good and LOVED all the attention from the ladies. He only cried once and that was when we left and he had to give back the comb he was playing with...ha! My hairdresser Tammi was great with him, they even blew bubbles to keep him occupied.

Tammi gave Davis a comb and he had so much fun with it! When we went to leave and he had to give it back he was in TEARS!!

Davis and Tammi

This was actually his before picture, I posted them out of order!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I used to LOVE Valentine's Day as a child. I loved making my Valentine box and handing out all of my Valentine goodies to all my friends. I also loved getting little goodies from mom and has given us Valentines every year, but for some reason this year it stopped........I wonder why??? You guessed it...Davis took over....ha!

Opening up his FIRST Valentine from MeMe and Opa! He got all sorts of goodies and his favorite thing.....PUFFS!!!

Davis giving his handmade Valentine to MeMe and Opa!

Mom and Dad came over to watch Davis on Saturday night. Lance and I went to our traditional Valentine's dinner with some of our closest friends. Our dear friends Beth and Rodney started a foundation a few years ago in memory of Elliot Hughes son of their dear friends Josh and Angie. He was born on October 31, 2007 and sadly on January 21, 2008 he lost his brave battle to esophageal atresia. In February of 2008 Beth and Rodney decided to have a Valentine dinner to help raise money to give to their friends to help with medical costs. The idea was to come to this dinner instead of your usual Valentine plans and donate the money you would have spent on your Valentine festivities to the Huges family. Well, it was such a touching evening, and now it is one we continue to do each year in memory of Elliot. Beth and Rodney decided to set up a non profit organization and the money now donated goes to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in memory of Elliot. I really look up to Beth and Rodney for their example of giving to others. LOVE is what life is all about, and that is what Valentine's Day is for. Lance and I look forward to this event each year.........Valentine's Day now means so much more to me! Thanks mom and Dad for watching Davis so we could go to this event!
For more information about the 214 project go to:
On Sunday, NaNa and PaPa came over to visit us......I mean Davis.....ha.....for a little while. He had fun playing with them and showing off all his new tricks!

Davis giving his Valentine!

Funny Story.......
On Friday, Lance came home with a box of red roses, I thought it was strange that the box was not delivered to me at school or at home. I asked Lance about it and he had it delivered to the office. Lance and I usually do not get each other anything for Valentine's Day. We now go to the Project 214 dinner and donate our money and that is our Valentine's and I love that we are able to show our love through giving back to others and spending an evening together with our closest friends rather than worrying about making reservations at a restaurant or getting gifts etc. So I was a little upset that Lance had broke the rules....because I had nothing for him. Another thing that was strange was that the flowers were red roses. Lance NEVER gets me red roses. When he does get me flowers, they are usual wild flowers or tulips which is my favorite. I said thank you and we put them in a vase and on went on with our weekend. On Saturday as we were driving to dinner, I was venting on how silly Valentine's Day is and it is really a cheesy holiday.....that is when Lance busted out that he had a confession to make......and it was......His friend at work had red roses delivered to her and they messed up and sent two boxes, so she gave Lance one of the boxes to give me......ha! I knew it wasn't like him to give red roses on Valentine's Day and I was right!!