Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Tricks

Gosh.....babies are like sponges when it comes to their learning and picking up new things! Davis learned two new tricks this week. It is so exciting to watch Davis learn new things. He is so curious and you can tell he is trying to discover everything around him and it is so neat to watch him begin to make connections and figure out how things in his world work! I just love watching him grow, learn, and develop.....being a mom is just the best and has brought me so much joy!
He learned his touchdown trick in one day. Yesterday, I was feeding him and he kept wanting to put his arms straight up in the air. Every time he did it I would say "touchdown". It became a little game to him, but he remembered it well, because all you have to do is say touchdown and his arms go right up. I guess it was a little late for football season, but I told Lance he is already getting ready for next season.....father like son...ha!
He has also started to clap. He has been trying to do this for a while. He would grab your hands and make you clap, but he would not do it on his own until the other day. We came home from Mrs. Tina's house, and I needed a few minutes to regroup and eat lunch. He has not watched a video in weeks, and I thought maybe he would watch his Baby Mozart video. I put it in and he started clapping. Now every time you say clap, he starts clapping. You can tell he is very proud of his new tricks....and so are we!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Play Group

Play Group Friends

Davis, Kellie & Kevin (they are twins) and Alex
They are all just a few months apart, Davis is the oldest and I think he knew it. While we were trying to get a picture, all the babies would sit up, and Davis would smile real quick and then take off crawling. It was quite a challenge, but we managed to get a picture.
I have really loved having the opportunity to work part-time this year. I feel I have the best of both worlds. I get out for a few hours and do what I love, teach, and then come home to my baby boy by noon everyday. I try to get as much work done at school as I can so I have very little to take home. I have done a pretty good job at this, but it is difficult.

The one thing I hate about working every morning, is that I miss out on all of the organized weekly play groups, because most of them meet in the morning. Thank goodness I have two great friends, Mary Paige and Shannon, that let me call them last minute and say let's get the kids together for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I met these two girls teaching at Sharon Elementary several years ago, and we all had children around the same time. I am so glad that we all have kept in touch with each other...friendships are so important! I really like having Davis around other children as much as possible......but I am not sure who enjoys these play dates more.....Davis or me? I would have to say probably me. I love having time to talk with my friends and get ideas or advice about anything. We went over to my friend Shannon's house yesterday, she has twins and I don't know how she does it! I think I am tired with one, I cannot imagine two!! Davis had fun crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything! Thanks Shannon for having us .....I feel like we just took over your house!

We can't wait to play again!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Picture Catch Up

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks! I have not been the best about blogging these past few weeks, so enjoy this picture walk!
Davis loves to venture out around the house. His new favorite spot is our office. He likes to pull up on this window and look outside.
Of course, Hershel has to always come and help him out!

He loves to go on rides in his little wagon that his blocks go in. Before long he will be too big for this thing, but he fits in perfectly now, and he LOVES it!!

This Sunday was a rainy and gross day! Lance and I decided to skip church and have a cozy family day at the house and get some things done. Davis and I kept our pajamas on all day, I took naps when Davis napped, Lance and I got lots of cleaning and relaxing in. It was a great day, we have not done this in a long time....I felt guilty skipping church, but it definitely was much needed time for all of us.
Davis was entertained pretty much all day by climbing all over this diaper box.

Daddy read Davis some books. I love this picture......Davis LOVES hid Dada!

"Dada, one day I am going to be just like you!"

"Just chillin with my feet propped up on the table....good times!"

Davis loves to give kisses to everyone even his bear!

He has found all sorts of new places to have fun this week......we have been busy as ever chasing him around this house!

These two have become quite the pair lately! Davis follows Hershel everywhere and Hershel follows Davis everywhere. They are like little shadows!

"Dada, what is this? I see you play with this all of the time? When can you teach me how to play with it?"

I am so thankful for my sweet husband! He has always been helpful, but he has gone above and beyond helpful when I became pregnant with Davis. I have not cooked a meal since I can remember, and he cleans the shower which I absolutely HATE! And as you can see he even changes dirty diapers....well, that may be pushing it a little, from the looks of his face, you may think he NEVER changes dirty diapers, but he does....when he HAS to!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am Nine Months Old!

Boy, is time flying by or what. We got so busy my mom forgot to post my seven and eighth month post and picture, but I am sure she is going to make me go back and write it anyway because she has to have my letters and pictures for a book she is making.....I don't know what she will do about the picture....we have no pictures of me holding a 7 or an 8....I guess she better get creative!

Exciting Moments:

  • I had a super 1st Christmas and I am already for Santa to make his visit again!
  • I am officially a very FAST crawler and I get faster every week!
  • I am very happy, but I am happiest in the morning
  • I laugh out loud all the time especially at my Daddy!
  • I take two naps, a morning and afternoon nap for about 1 to 2 hours each.
  • I pull up on everything and can stand without holding onto anything for about 5-10 seconds.
  • I like to walk using my walker toys.
  • I love my rocking chair that Aunt Brittany and Uncle Blake got for me!
  • I respond to a few words: bounce (I will start bouncing) rock (I will rock back and forth) bye bye (I will wave bye bye sometimes) kiss (I now give slobbery open mouth kisses....I know you want one) Where's Dada (I look right at Daddy) Where's Hershel (I look right at Hershel) Where's Mommy (I am still working on this, Mommy works so hard on my knowing everyone else, we have not worked on recognizing her)
  • I can say: dada, mama, mummum, yayayay, bababa
  • I weigh 20 pounds (36th percentile)
  • I am 29.5 inches tall (87th percentile)
  • I wear 12 month clothes.
  • I wear size 3 diapers.
  • I love to eat food, I have three "real food" meals a day.
  • I have four teeth on the bottom and I am getting in my four front teeth all in as my mom is writing this.
  • I have been waking up 2 to 3 times a night. I spoiled my mom and dad at the beginning by sleeping 7 to they have a taste of being sleep deprived and I don't think they are liking it.
  • I got to bed around 7 and get up about 2-3 times, but then I am up and ready to start my day between 5:30 and 6:30....that is EARLY!!
  • I recognize all my grandparents and get excited when I see them.
  • I was promoted to the "crawler" class in the church nursery, but I miss my other teachers and friends, so I sometimes cry which I used to never do.
  • I am very curious, and try to get into anything I can....I am ALL BOY!

And I once again made my post way TOO long! It is hard to cut down all your exciting moments when you have so many. I am loving life as a crawler, but I cannot wait to be a walker.......I think it will be soon.

I love you all so much!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Let it Snow!

Well, you got to love living in the south. We got maybe an inch of snow and everything shut down and there was no school. The roads were very icy, but it still makes me laugh after living in Massachusetts when I was a child. But, I enjoyed every minute of our snow day today. I took a long nap in my PJs when Davis took his morning nap and it was wonderful! I actually still have on my PJs at 3:00...ha! Lance went into work late this morning so it was nice to have him around. Here are a few pictures of Davis in the snow. I was going to wait until Lance got home to take pictures, but the snow was starting to melt away so I had to take the pictures without Lance. Well, Davis is down for another nap, I guess I better go shower and get out of my PJs!!
Davis looking out the window at all the snow.
"Mom, can we go outside now?"

It was FREEZING so we only stayed out for a few minutes. Davis laughed the whole time. He loved touching the snow and of course he had to try to eat it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Buddy and Me

Can I just say that I love my little buddy so much! I have loved spending all day everyday with him these past two weeks and was dreading going back to work this week. Today, Mrs. Tina called and her son had signs of the stomach bug, so I had to stay home with Davis. It was too last minute to find someone to keep Davis and Lance had appointments that he could not miss. So it was me and my buddy all day and I LOVED it! He is getting to be so much fun and he has so much personality. He did not stop all day long! He had some new tricks to show me today, I didn't know he was so talented....ha! And the best part is we have a snow day tomorrow so it looks like it will be another fun day with me and my buddy tomorrow! YEAH!!
He crawled right to Hershel's crate this morning and stood right up.
"Look Mom, I can stand with one hand!"

Then he crawled right over to help me with the dishes. This used to be Hershel's job, but I guess Davis has taken over.
He was very interested in the egg beater, so I let him play with it on the carpet and that kept him entertained for about 5 minutes.

After his five minutes of entertainment were up I guess he decided to show me this new trick. I turned away just for a minute and when I looked back, he was in this position so I got the camera.....QUICK!

Here is a side view picture.....I really thought he may get stuck...but he had a trick up his sleeve.

"Hey Mom, don't help me, just watch me!"

"I can crawl through this chair all by myself! It looks like my head might get stuck, but it won't...I am good at this trick!"

"See, I told you I could crawl through anything!"


Then, Davis and Hershel played together under the kitchen table for about 20 minutes. You would have thought they were best friends. It was pretty cute to watch. I guess I won't get rid of Hershel. Ha!

And then it started to snow, I know you can't tell from the pictures, but I wanted to get some in case it didn't keep snowing. We now have lots of snow on the ground so we will take some more pictures of Davis in the morning. Davis liked the snow. He kept laughing and trying to touch the flakes falling down. It was so cute!

Then he came inside and crawled right into the office and started playing with my decorations. Boy was he busy today! You can't take your eyes off of him for even a second or he is into something else. He is really doing great with his crawling and now he pulls up on the furniture and walks all around it. I don't think it will be much longer before we have a walker. He was also jabbering up a storm today. He is just getting over his second ear infection and today was the first day he was really feeling good. He had so much fun today, he was ready for bed at about 6:30. Lance and I are enjoying every minute with our little man. He is such a true blessing from heaven and we love him so much!