Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sad Day........Hershel Has A New Home!

Well, it has been a little quieter at our house the past few weeks! We had to find Hershel a new home......we knew we needed to do this, but we kept dragging our feet. We have had a couple incidents over the past couple of years where he has snapped at younger children....and ever since he has acted different around small children. Hershel LOVED Davis and was great with him from day one.....except when he jumped in his pack and play......but there was no harm done there...haha!! Lance and I were just constantly worrying about Hershel with Davis and other kids in the neighborhood or Davis' friends. We found the perfect home for Hershel and we are so excited about it. Lance's friend Mark's mother in law had a dog that just passed away and she was looking for a new dog. She lives on a lot of land in south Georgia and she was very interested in Hershel. Lance and I talked about it and we knew this would be a good fit for him, so Lance took him over to Mark's house on Sunday, and Hershel has been spoiled rotten by Ms. Allison ever since. I honestly don't know who is spoiled more Ms. Allison or Hershel. She is so in love with him and having so much fun!

I still remember 5 years ago when Lance and I started looking at dogs and with a friend's help found the perfect dog and the perfect dog breeder. Our friend's Beth and Rodney also got a dog from the same litter so we had brothers which was fun. Hershel was honestly the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Lance and I have the best memories of Hershel he was really a great dog. For about four years Hershel was my baby....Lance used to joke that Hershel got more kisses than he did..........now he makes the same joke about Davis getting more kisses!!

Even though we do miss him, I can honestly say that life has gotten a little easier. The house is cleaner......I don't have to worry all the time.....I don't have to continually get Davis out of the dog dishes.....we are saving money every month....and I know Hershel is super happy and that makes us happy! Once we are all finished having children and they are old enough we will definitely be adding a dog to the family and I cannot wait until that day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We LOVE our Friends!!

We went up to the Warnocks in Jasper Sunday evening for a cookout with the Scales and Lanes! We had so much fun hanging out with our friends......I wish we could do it more often! Thanks Casey and Kelley for having us......we had a BLAST!!! I was so glad that Ashley and Jon brought Henry so the boys could hang out. We have been trying to get them together for way too long!! They had a great time playing together.......Henry is such a cutie pie!!

Trying to get a picture of Henry and Davis was a challenge!!
Henry sat so good.....Davis.....not so much!!

Davis and Henry checking out Hank!
Davis is thinking that Hank looks very different than Hershel!
The Girls
Jackie, Ashley, Kelley & Me
Lance, Davis & Henry
We were just getting our things packed up and the guys were outside. We noticed Henry and Davis looking out the window at their Daddies! It was such a cute moment.

Pool Play Date

We had fun with the Eades' family and friends at the pool! Cody and Cooper were so sweet with Davis. He loves playing with the big boys. Davis was super busy and just wanted to run all over and play with everyone elses toys and eat their food......he had no interest in his toys or food. Hopefully we can get together with Kim and Ella again this summer.
Cooper, Cody, Davis & Ella

"How do I get these glasses on?"

"I give up......Let's just go home!!"

Summer Begins.......

Well, summer begins and I am more tired than when I was working.....being a stay at home mom is TIRING!!! We have been going non stop and I don't know how I can make it the rest of the summer.....ha! I am LOVING my precious time with Davis. We have been having so much fun and I look forward to waking up with him every morning. Here are some pictures of our first two weeks of summer! Notice: Davis is with lots of girls because all of my friends have girls....I have got to get him around more boys ha.....he is a lady's man in the making!

May 30th - We met our friends Jenn and Derek and their little girl Tayler for lunch and a play date at the park. We had the best time!


Davis and Tayler

Derek and Davis looked like twins....I had to get a picture...too cute! Derek is tall and Davis looks so cute walking beside him.

"Follow me Mr. Derek!"

June 1st - I took Davis to a teacher friend's pool and this is what he thought about that........

Davis LOVES the beach and bath time so I thought there would be no problem in the pool, but I was WRONG!! I was thinking this is going to be a LOOOOONG summer......until Hunter came and cheered Davis right up....he loves little boys!

Teacher Friend's Kiddos

Davis sharing his shark with Hunter
Hey may have not loved the pool....but he loved the shower!
Georgia and Davis
Camille, Natalie, Georgia & Davis

June 2nd - Gillette and I took Geogria and Davis to my mom and dad's neighborhood pool and they had a blast!! Davis did much better today!! :)

Davis loved the kid pool area, but he loved cruising around the lounge chairs and tables and trying to take every one's cell phones and get in their coolers or bags.....good thing he is such a charmer or we would have been in BIG trouble!!
June 4th - Aunt Anna came to stay with us for a few days.....I should have taken more pictures. Davis had so much fun with Anna.......he loved showing off all his new tricks to her. I loved having Anna stay with us......I think of her as my own sister even though she is a sister-in-law!! She is the sister I never had....I LOVE you Anna!!
June 8th - We started mom and tot gymnastics today and so far Davis is the only boy.....oh no!! I don't think he minds but his daddy does!! Hopefully more boys will sign up next time. He did great at his first class....but you could tell he was the youngest one there....he is not the best at following directions....he kind of did his own thing but we are working on it.
CHEESE!!! This is my cheesy smile, but I had to put it in because I LOVE Davis' face here! He is all smiles and laughs....I just love his personality!
June 9th - Georgia came over for a play date. We went to the playground and then came back to the house to cool off.....Davis pushed Georgia in his car....what a little gentleman!

June 11th - Nana came to spend the night with us and watch Davis while I tutored on Thursday! She got Davis this little pool and Davis and Hershel were entertained for hours without even taking it outside and filling it with water.....SWEET!! I wonder how long this will last??

We went back to Mrs. Lisa's pool and Davis was much better this time....NO tears....YAY!!!!

June 12th - We went and spent the day in Douglasville. We had Molly Kate's birthday party and Lance played golf with his dad. We had a fun day. Davis had fun at the birthday party, but I think he had more fun in Karen's laundry room....he tried to sweep and clean...and he even attempted to pick up a watermelon!!

Me & Molly Kate, Gail & Davis, Martha & Emma
Baby Emma is so stinking cute....I could have held her all day.....She was smaller than Davis when he was born and she is 7 weeks old.....ha....maybe our next baby will be a normal newborn size!!
Right after this picture Davis started blowing kisses to everyone taking pictures.....almost like he was a movie star!!

He was ready to show Molly Kate what all this opening present stuff was all about!

Birthday Girl.....Molly Kate
Good-Bye kisses to the Birthday Girl!

WOW....that was a LONG post!!