Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We have a CLIMBER!!

Davis has always been very curious! He tries to crawl over and under anything he can.....but it is starting to get a little out of hand. He has figured out how to climb on his pottery barn chair and up on the end table so he can look out the window! We can't take our eyes off him for 5 seconds!

Meet Sophie!

Davis has 8 teeth. He has four on the top and four on the bottom. Last week, he kept waking up at night screaming......well, it looks like his molars are trying to come in. You could tell he was in pain. My friend Gillette ordered this teething giraffe, Sophie, from Amazon. It is great for molars, because they can stick the legs way back in their mouth. The toy squeaks and is super cute. I ordered in the other day and I am so glad I did.....Davis loves it and unfortunately so does Hershel...haha!!!!

Davis is so happy! I just love his smile and love for life!

Davis Made His Daddy PROUD!!

Well, a few weeks ago, Davis began taking several steps on his own......but only if he was holding......you guessed it.....a GOLF CLUB!! You can imagine how Lance loved this. I guess it helped him balance. He now takes this club everywhere. He LOVES it!! We are hoping this is a sign he is going to love golf as much as his daddy!! Davis even tries to climb up the stairs with his club (of course we are right behind him). It won't be long and he will be taking off on his own. Last night he was walking around the living room on his own, so he is getting there. This is such an exciting time, he is learning new things everyday!

Hershel had to even come to watch the excitement!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

It is never to early to learn chores!!

Lance I can't wait for Davis to start doing chores, so we are teaching him how to sweep....haha!!! Just kidding....I was loading the dishwasher and I turned around and Davis was getting the broom from the pantry, so I let him carry on to see what he would do and documented it with pictures. It seemed like he knew exactly what to do, I guess he has seen his mommy do this everyday! What amazes me is when he was finished he tried to put the broom back in the pantry. He is going to make his wife really happy one day if he keeps this up.....but we all know that will change..ha!!

"Sweeping is finished.....off to my next chore!"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank Goodness for Grandparents!!

Well we had a BUSY weekend, and all I have to say is thank goodness for wonderful grandparents that are willing to help us!! On Friday, we drove to Douglasville to visit Lance's parents and have a date night with our friends Derek and Jenn. Well, first of all, it took us about 2 1/2 hours to get to Douglasville because of a wreck. Can I just say Lance and I were SOOOO ready to get there. Davis would start to cry and then Hershel would start to howl and it that was pretty much misery. Lance's parents were so kind to watch Davis and Derek and Jenn's daughter Tayler so we could go to dinner. We had so much fun with Derek and Jenn. The four of us have so much fun together and I wish they lived closer so we could get together more often. Tayler is about 7 months old and Davis is 11 months old and they seemed to have fun together but I think Gail and Neal had more fun with the babies. I need to get better about taking more pictures of us......I seem to just get pictures of Davis now!
Davis and Tayler

Gail with the babies!
Jenn, Tayler, Davis & Me

On Saturday we hung around with Gail and Neal while Davis entertained us all! He loved PaPa's guitar. As soon as PaPa started to play, Davis crawled over to him as fast as he could and started dancing....he LOVED it!! Then we were off to Charlie Cottle's 4th birthday party. Of course I brought my camera, and I do not even have pictures of the birthday boy....I am bad!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!
Davis and Molly Kate....I do not think she is appreciating his love tap very much....ha!

Davis, Ava, and Molly Kate

Vince entertained Davis for quite a while with this puppet!

Davis' first bite of birthday cake.......and from the picture you can tell that he LOVED it!! We were just doing a practice run before his birthday next month!

Davis found a golf club and he was in heaven. He would not put this club down. He crawled all over the house with it. He CRIED when we had to leave the club when we left. He was so fascinated with the golf club, I don't even think he was aware that he was at a birthday party.

Ava giving Davis a goodbye kiss! Ava and Davis are both open mouth kissers....WATCH OUT!! She looks serious about her kiss!
Then on Sunday, Lance and I went on another date with our friend's Casey and Kelley while my mom and dad watched Davis. Lance had tickets to the Atlanta Thrashers for the four of us. We had so much fun! They were suite tickets so we were all spoiled......that is definitely the way to go to a hockey game. See.....no pictures because Davis was not there. I need to get better at that! Lance and I treasure our time with friends and family.....so this was a pretty good weekend for us.
Thank you Gail and Neal and Mom and Dad for watching Davis for us....We appreciate you guys so much!