Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Utah Trip-Kade & Sydnie's Wedding-Day Three

This picture should be the last picture, but it got erased when I was typing and not it will only place it at the top so it will stay here...ha! It is a lot of work to post LOTS of pictures!
~July 19th~
On Saturday my cousin Kade married his beautiful bride, Sydnie. I was so glad we were able to attend. Davis of course ran around like a WILD man the whole time! I was so excited about getting him all dressed up cute to take some pictures but that did not go over well. He was way too BUSY for pictures....oh well.....at least he looked cute!

Justin, Kade & Sydnie
Hadley and Davis had fun running around.....she was so sweet with him!

I was so excited about getting a nice family picture and this was by far the best one we had....pretty sad! We even took the picture as soon as we got there and Davis still would not behave. All he wanted to do was RUN!!!

Daddy and Davis

Davis sat down on the dance floor and just hugged Hadley.....so sweet!

My cousin Kiley and and her daughter Hadley.

Davis and his new friend.

My cousin Kason, who just got home from a two year mission, and Davis. It was so good to see him and hear about his experiences. I know his family is so glad to have him back home!!

Davis and Aunt Karen (my mom's sister)

My cousin Amber and Davis

"You guys go watch that wedding stuff. I will just stay out here and play in the rocks!"

On the RUN again!

My mom and her family--She has three sisters.
Karen, Koni (my mom), Kelli, & Kathy
Burns & Barbara (my grandparents)
Grandpa and Grandma Dancing......I love to see this!

Davis showing off his dance moves to Opa!

"I have had ENOUGH of this wedding stuff......please let me OUT!!"

Davis was ready to go home by the end of the evening he was so tired!

Uncle Justin and Davis

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Utah Trip Bryce Canyon--Day Two

Friday, June 18 2010
Bryce Canyon National Park

We got up early Friday morning and set out for our first adventure to Bryce Canyon with my mom, dad & brother. The drive was beautiful and the park was so beautiful it took my breath away.....I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. Davis was WONDERFUL!! It was about a two hour drive from my grandparents house in St. George Utah but SOOOO worth the drive! Sorry about all the pictures.....remember this is our scrapbook so I had to include them all!

Very Fun!

Next Up.......Kade's Wedding and then Zion National Park!