Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Look Who Turned ONE!!!

Katelyn's actual birthday is on February 16th, but we had it on March 3rd after our ski trip.  We had an owl theme and I LOVED it! We had our family and closest friends come and we had such a great time. We ordered pizza and just took time to visit and spend time together.  We are so thankful for all the family and friends we have that mean so much to us and our children.  It is so nice to have this big support system.  We are blessed beyond measure with our family and friends.  Thanks for all who came out to celebrate with us.

This sign has been bothering me, I was in the middle of getting it centered and the pictures centered and I started getting something else ready and never went back to finish the sign and didn't even realize how it looked until I saw the picture.......UUUGGGHHH!  I guess there are worse things to worry about..ha! I have found that the whole picture thing is so hard when you have two.  I get so busy chasing the other child or helping out, I forget to get pictures of everything.  I missed getting pictures of the food and some of the decorations as well as many of our guests.  With Davis I felt like I did so good documenting everything and that is not the case with Little Miss Priss.  :)

Yummy strawberry cupcakes thanks to Kelley's mom's recipe.  My mom helped me make them and they were DELICIOUS!!!

Goody Bags......"It's been a Hoot! Love, Katelyn"  Buckets of Chalk

Davis was pretty sure that these presents were for him and that he should be right there to help.

 Ashley and Lily
 Nana and Katelyn
 Gillette and Baby Wade
 Opa and Katelyn.....she looks a little worried here...ha!

 The train table was the hit of the night, the kids just stayed right around the train table and played and played.

 CaKe TiMe!!!
Katelyn still has a pretty severe egg allergy so she has an egg free cake just made for her.

 She was not so sure about the cake at first, but she gradually got very used to the idea and ended up making a BIG mess on Meme and Opas rug....OOPPPS!

 Davis found this all pretty humerous!

 My Girls!  Katelyn was REAL happy here!
 Ashley, me, Jackie and Kelley
 We were so glad Aunt Kelley happened to be in town and make it to Kateyn's party.  We MISSSED Uncle Casey!!
 Laura, Me & Gillette
  Katelyn and Mason, they are the same age and have fun playing together.

 She had a blast, but boy was she tired at the end of the night.  She just layed on Linda just like this until it was time to go. 

Happy Birthday Princess!  We LOVE you to the moon and back!