Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Picture Update - August and September

Here are some random pictures of our past month. 
 Katelyn starting solid foods - She likes all fruits, but she is not so sure about the veggies.
 Katelyn was resting on our bed while I got ready, and when I went to check on her she was playing with a bag of hair bows.
 Grandma Lightle's 80th birthday.  Davis sat by the cake and while everyone sang to Grandma.....I really think he thought all this celebration was for him!  He had the BEST time with all the attention.
 Katelyn LOVES her Daddy!

 I hope these two will be BEST far so good...LOL!

 This is Davis' new thing.  He wants a wash cloth and a spray bottle and he puts in on his lawn mower and he walks around and sprays things and then dries them off.  He is like a mini janitor!

 I LOVE these pictures!  Davis taking Katelyn for a little ride!

 Grandma Lightle and the kiddos!

Our VERY BEST friends the Warnocks and moving to Montgomery and I am so sad I can hardly stand it!  Kelley has been like a sister to me and I am going to miss her so much!  Casey and Kelley have been so close to us both throughout the years and I just can't imagine not having them close by.  Davis talks about Uncle Casey and Aunt Kelley so much.  Needless to say we have lots of road trips to AL in our near future!  We  had a quick last minute get together at their house last Sunday.  It was so nice to get to hang out, but so sad at the same time.  I was so busy talking and chasing Davis around I did not get many pictures, but here are a few.
 Katelyn and Lily----they are exactly one month apart.

 Davis and Henry saying "hi" for the first time!
 Stare Down!

 The Girls!
Me, Jackie, Kelley, Ashley, and Allison

 Katelyn is just getting so big so fast.....I really want to stop time!
 Opa's B-Day------Davis was so proud of his card to Opa
 Happy Birthday Opa!  We LOVE you!

Davis' First Day of School!

Davis started back to school at the end of August and he was so EXCITED!  He walks into his school like he owns the place.  He says hello to everyone and blows kisses to some of the ladies and they all know him by name....which I hope is a good thing...ha!  Lance and I are just so blessed that Davis loves his school and that they all love on him as well.  His teacher's name is Mrs. Jennifer and Davis LOVES her!  I asked him who his best friend was the other night and he told me Mrs. Jennifer.  He is already learning so much it is amazing to see his wheels start turning.  He goes 4 days a week from 9 - 1.  This year he gets to go to PE, Music, and Chapel.  He loves this year especially because he gets to do car line and he thinks he is such a big boy.  His year is going great so far, but I have to say I was a little worried when I picked him up the first day his report for the day said, " Davis loves dress up!".  Oh, well he is ALL BOY 95% of the time!

Part Two: Logan and Karly's Wedding

This wedding was BEAUTIFUL!  But, since I was going solo I did not get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked.  Karly was a beautiful bride and Logan was so cute the whole night!  He was so cute smiling at Karly throughout saying their vows.  You could just feel the love between them.  I LOVE weddings and love the reminders of what LOVE is.....makes me so thankful for the wonderful marriage I have and encourages me to strive to make it even better.  After the wedding ceremony it POURED and even hailed, but after a prayer and a little waiting, it was perfect by the time the guests arrived for the reception.  I am so glad I was able to go and support my cousin as well as see my family that I rarely get to see. 
Here is me and my BABY GIRL!
 My fam....missing my brother who is taking the picture!
 My cousin Kiley and her son Grayson.
 Grandma and Grandpa Pope
It is so neat to see these two still so in love to this day.  They are such a great example of what true love is.  They will be married 60 years in November, and their love simply amazes me!  I can't wait to grow old with Lance!
 Siblings of the Bride!

 Aunt Gloria arrived and swooped Katelyn away until she was a nice break!  :)
 Justin and Aunt Kelli and Uncle Kelton
 Katelyn and Great Grandma Pope

 Katelyn with my cousin Amber and me....Katelyn looks a little nervous...ha!

This little guy looks like he was up to some trouble....ha!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Part One: Trip to Salt Lake City!

Most of my extended family lives out west, and I hate that we can't get out there to see them more often.  It is just so expensive!!  We did take a trip with Davis last summer and that was so much fun.  My cousin Karly was getting married, and I really did not plan on going especially with just starting back to work, having a baby, and the money.  It was just such a short trip to justify it all.  But, at the last minute I decided to go, since my parents got my ticket for my birthday.....SWEET!  I took Katelyn and Davis stayed home with Lance for a BOYS weekend!  I am so glad that I went, I had so much fun and was able to see my family which made it all worth the trip!!  Katelyn was SUPER the whole trip, I could not believe how good she was.  She just went with the flow the whole trip!  She just Below are our pictures from the trip, sorry there are so many!  Remember this is my scrapbook, so I don't want to miss anything!!  :)
 Opa holding Katelyn.....Dad upgraded us to first class, so Katelyn really travelled in style for her first trip!  Right after this picture Katelyn spilled my dad's drink of diet coke all over the passenger next to my day...OOOPPPS....we blamed that all on Opa!
 She slept on Meme and I got some school work done on the way out there. 
 Above is the main reason we went on this trip!  I wanted to make sure my Grandma Pope was able to hold and see Katelyn.  She has Alzheimer's and sometimes she knows you and other times she doesn't.   It is such a sad disease to me especially for the loved ones involved.  I am just glad she was able to come and that she smiled when she held my little baby.  It is just so sad to see her like this, losing your mind to me is just horrible!  She did light up every time she saw Katelyn or held really was special to see.  :)
 Katelyn seems very excited to be sitting with Great Grandma Pope.
 I cannot say enough good things about this Grandpa of mine.  His smile in this picture just makes my heart melt!  Grandpa Pope is famous around our house.  Davis calls him every Tuesday with my mom.  He calls him "Pope" and he asks to call him all the time.  He will walk around the house with the phone and show "Pope" all kinds of things, if only "Pope" could see what he was showing him...ha!  "Pope" is always a good sport when Davis calls.  I am so glad that Davis loves his "Pope" even though he has only met him twice.I wish we could see them more, I know Davis would have so much fun with him.  :)
 Aunt Karen (Mother of the Bride), Katelyn, and G Pope
We had a bridal shower for Karly and Ryan and Hillaree and Ryan's house hosted by Amber and Hillaree and it was fun.  The boys all went out bowling and had a great time while us girls did what we do best eat and talk!  Karly got some really cute things and some great advice about being a wife.  Sweet Moments!

 Amber, Grayson, Kelli, and Kiley
(Amber and Kiley are my cousins and Kelli is my aunt...Grayson is Kiley's little man.)
 Katelyn LOVES other children, she pretty much attacked Grayson the whole weekend, and he was not so sure what to think of her!

 Generation Picture
My Grandma, my mom, me and Katelyn!
As I was sitting at Karly's wedding shower it was neat to think that my Grandma is really the everything in this family.  If it wasn't for her and my grandpa none of us would be here, pretty cool....especially when it is a big family.  Such a huge accomplishment for her and such a great example to the rest of us.
 Me and my cousin Kiley - I was so glad to get to have some time to hang out with my girl cousins.  This always makes me miss living close to my family the most.  We all have kiddos around the same ages and I just know that they would all have so much fun together and I would love to have them close by!  Oh well, it is what it is and I guess it makes me appreciate them all the more! 

 Cousin Time!  Me & Katelyn (6 months), Amber & Taylee (1 year), Kiley & Grayson (7 months)
 Taylee is not sure what to think of this two babies sitting beside her!!  She would look at one and then look at the was so funny to watch.  Grayson really had better things he thought he could be doing, and Katelyn just talked and talked and had the best old time!  She was quite the social butterfly!

 Cousins and Bride to Be....Karly in the middle!!  :)
 Grandma playing her favorite game....Yahtzee.  We all love this game especially my mom...LOL!  We play every holiday and whenever else she can talk us into playing with her.  At first Grandma did not want to play but we talked her into it at last. 
 And she finally got.......YAHTZEE!!!
I love this picture, because for a minute you could see her emotions and it was almost like she was all there!

 This girl's night wore Katelyn out!
 On Saturday, the wedding did not start until that evening so we took the day and went to Park City for a few hours and it was so much fun!  We started off my eating breakfast with my dad's brother Paul who happened to be in SLC the same weekend we were. 
 It was so good to see my brother Justin!  I hadn't seen him since April.
 Mom watched Katelyn while My brother, dad and I went to do the Zipline. down the mountain which was really fun!  It went faster than I thought it was going to go...super fun!
 The original Kreyling Family!  It was  little like old times.
 My dad went first so I could ride with Justin.  It looks like I beat him down....LOL!
 The pretty bride with the little babies!
 My aunts, mom, and grandma
Karen, Kelli and Kathy
 Uncle Kelton, Kiley and her precious little girl Hadley

The whole crew!
 Kiley and Katelyn
I had the best time catching up with Kiley.  We were in the same hotel so we got to spend a lot of time together, which I was so looking forward to.  I so wish she lived closer!!
 Uncle Justin and Katelyn

 Kelly, Kathy and my mom (Koni)
We had a great time at Park for Part Two...The Wedding!