Monday, April 27, 2009

Update From Davis

Here are the pictures you all have been asking for.......sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog. I have been a little out of it; but I am beginning to feel much better. Make sure to read the letter from Davis below. We are all doing well and keeping busy.
Lance always keeps me smiling!Me and my mom. I don't know what I would do without her.

Lance learning how to feed Davis. He did such a good job taking care of Davis while I was recovering.

Nana, Lance, PaPa and Davis
I LOVE this picture of Lance showing off his "tricks" to Derek. Lance will rub Davis' head and he will burp.
Opa making his daily visit to the hospital during his lunch break.
MeMe and Davis
Going Home

First Walk

My 1st Sponge Bath

Tummy Time

Hershel and Davis meet for the first time.

Dear Family and Friends,
Thank you for all your prayers as I entered the world on April 14th. I bet you all were not planning on be being so big.........9 pounds 14 ounces and 22 and a half inches long.....I had you all fooled! I will be two weeks old tomorrow and boy have I been busy. I was in the hospital for 4 days waiting for my mom to recover from her c-section. It has taken her a while to get feeling good, but don't worry about me, my daddy took very good care of me. He had to be mommy and daddy for the week. He really did a very good job! We were all able to go home on Friday, April 17th. Little did I know, my mom and dad had scheduled a doctor appointment for me on that same afternoon. I had to have a piece of skin clipped underneath my tongue so I could eat better. It was not that bad, but I noticed my mom had tears in her eyes. After that, we were off to the house. It felt good to get home and see my new home. It is quite different than living in the womb. I actually have room to move around now. I met my dog, Hershel. I was not sure if he liked me or not, but I think he has now gotten used to me and I think we are going to be buddies. My Grandma Kreyling (MeMe) came to help my mom and dad the first week. My Grandpa Kreyling (Opa) would come over to visit and eat dinner along with Uncle Justin. MeMe was super busy cleaning, cooking, and taking care of my mom and me. She was so nice and helpful, I know my mom was glad to have her help. My Grandma (Nana) and Grandpa (Papa) Cone have made a few visits as well and Nana is coming to stay with us this Wednesday and Thursday. I already can tell I am going to be spoiled by my grandparents. I heard that is what grandparents do. This last week, My mom had to have lots of rest and keep her feet up because she was so swollen. If you thought she was swollen before I came, you should of seen her after I arrived! It has now been two weeks and she can finally see her ankles and knees which she has not seen in a while. This week I have had lots of firsts. I met a dog, sat in a bouncy seat, had tummy time (I am already lifting my head....they keep telling me I am strong), had a sponge bath, went on a walk (did not enjoy the walk), took a ride in the car, went to the doctor, sat in a swing, and of course I ate, slept, and made LOTS dirty diapers. I had lots of visitors who told me how cute I was over and over again. I think I have been a pretty good baby so far. I LOVE to sleep LOTS and LOTS, but I am beginning to stay awake more during the day. But I do have one REALLY fussy time between 7:00 and 11:00 at night. This is not a fun time for mommy and daddy, but they are getting used to it. I will write again next week and let you know what is going on in my little world!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello World

Well, Davis is finally here. All 9 lbs. 14 oz of him. He is a record breaking 22.5 inches long. I am currently searching for the real father b/c there is no way we could produce a baby this size. By the way, this is Lance and this is my first blog entry.
Davis was born on April 14th via c-section. After a very difficult labor period (the epideral was accidentally pulled out half way through), Kim began pushing as the doctors wanted her to attempt to have a natural birth. After an hour of pushing and Davis' head turned sideways they decided the only way he was coming out was by c-section. The doctors did a great job and were amazed he was almost 10 lbs.
Kim and Davis are now doing great. He sure does sleep a lot. I am sure that will change soon. I have not changed a diaper yet but have studied the nurse's techniques and may try that tomorrow. I did feed him once by bottle (with the lactation nurse 2 inches next to me) and helped Kim breast feed. Guess I really watched her breast feed.
This is a very exciting time for Kim and I. What a miracle!! Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers and Kim will definitely take over the blogging duties once she feels better.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still Waiting........Belly Pictures

First of all, thank you so much for all your phone calls and prayers. We feel so blessed! Lance and I thought we may be headed to the hospital today. Yesterday I was still having the braxton hicks contractions (I guess that is what they were) about every 30 minutes. Around 2:00 today I started to get stronger contractions that felt very different and they were coming every 7 minutes. I called the doctor and I think I jinxed it because as soon as I talked with him they stopped. I am continuing to have them sporadically but nothing consistent. I guess it was a false alarm. Davis must be cozy in there. Lance and I were so excited. He started getting all the little last minute things together and then that was the end of that. Maybe we will have an Easter Baby tomorrow; that is what I am praying for. I feel like my stomach is about to explode. Just wanted to give you all an update. Lance did take some black and white belly shots for me today. We should of taken them a few weeks ago before Davis was about to explode out of the womb. Lance did a good job with the pictures being that we are not professionals by any means. At least we will have some memories of what I looked like pregnant. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. We will update the blog frequently at the hospital once we finally get there, so stay tuned for upcoming news. We love reading your comments and seeing who visits our blog, so leave us a comment! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

39 Weeks.....Still No Davis!

39 Week Pictures

Well, I really wanted to get some professional pictures taken of us before Davis got here, but we waited too long. I had my brother Justin just take a few snap shots in my mom and dad's backyard. I just wanted some pictures of Lance and I together. All the pictures we have are me by myself. So, they may not be professional but at least we have a few shots of us together to look back on one day.
Well, I know all of you are waiting for updates on our doctor visit today, not much to write about. NO CHANGE!!!! I could not believe it! So, if something does not happen by Sunday (Please pray it does or I will be one angry woman!!!) we will go in for an appointment next Tuesday. He is going to do an ultrasound to see how big Davis is on Tuesday, we are all assuming still big, since he has measured big all along. If I have still not dilated enough and he is still measuring big, we will be having a c-section on Wednesday, April 15th. If we have dilated to a 1 or a 2 and he is not very big he will let us go a couple of more days to see if we progress anymore on our own (this will probably not be the case since he is estimated to be big). If we are at a 4 to 5 then we will go in to be induced, but that may turn into a c-section too if he is too large. So, it is looking like a c-section at this point. This was not what I had planned or wished for, but we really trust our doctors and Lance and I will do whatever they suggest is best for Davis. I am to continue on the bed rest because if the swelling gets bad again it can cause stress on the baby. I cried when we got in the car just being frustrated with the whole bed rest thing and I am getting REALLY uncomfortable, bored, and impatient. But Lance reminded me to just focus on the fact that we will have a baby most likely by April 15th, which will be the best gift we could ask for. We will just keep trucking along and pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby boy. We can't wait to meet our little miracle. Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and support. It is so nice to have such a huge support team. We love you all!