Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We can' believe it's true....our little man has turned TWO!!

Here is a video of us singing happy birthday to Davis.  The first time we sang to him after everyone sang to him he screamed "again".  So we all sang again and we got it on video the second time around.  That is the first time I have sang happy birthday twice.

Time just goes by so fast....too fast for me!  Lance and I are just LOVING this age.  Davis is so much fun right now.  Overall, he is just a healthy, sweet, caring, and happy child and to us that is most important.  He feels loved and loves to love on others and we can't not ask for anything more than that.  We truly cannot imagine our life without this little guy. 

For his birthday we decided to scale back this year and just do a party with our immediate family and a couple of family friends that are considered family.  I started to feel bad about not doing a kid party, but quickly was reminded by Lance that Davis would not remember or care and I know he was right, but I still felt bad.  But, I no logner felt bad after his party.  He was the happiest I think I have EVER seen him.  All atention was on him and he was so excited to have everyone that meant something to him there.  He was so wound up by the end of the night, we could not stop laughing. 

He was so excited about opening his gifts!  We wanted to wait until everyone was there and he was pacing around trying to pull his presents off the kitchen counter!  I didn't even know he really knew what presents were.....but he obviously did!  Aunt Kelley and Uncle Casey won the best gift award again....last year they got him his first lawn mower and this year they got him the leaf blower.  We should have had him open their gift last because he was not very interested in the rest of his gifts after that.  Although he kept calling the leaf blower a vacumn for the first week, I think he is finally calling it a blower now.

Katelyn watching Davis open his gifts...she is such a DIVA!
Playing with his new sandbox!

The Birthday Crew
Papa, Brittany, Blake, Opa, Meme, Linda, Nana, Kelley & Casey
We missed Aunt Anna and Uncle Justin
I am so bummed, this was our attempt at a family picture and Davis would not sit two seconds with us, as you notice we have no pictures of the 4 of us....oh well!

Katelyn celebrated in style with her birthday shirt.
My Family Traditon ~ The Birthday Dinner Plate

When it came to what kind of cake to get Davis, I had no idea what to get since he does not like Elmo or any of the other kid characters.   But he is in love iwht lawn mowers so I got as close as we could to a lawn mower with this tractor.  Kind of untraditional for a 2 year old cake, but it is what he loves right now.  :)

He LOVED us singing to much so he said, "AGAIN" after we clapped!
Notice the tractor in his cake.....he is all boy for sure!

Nana & Papa
Uncle Casey and Aunt Kelley
Aunt Brittany and Uncle Blake
Opa & Meme
After the party, Casey and Kelley stayed to hang out for a while.  It was fun to get to visit with them....we have been so busy lately we have not had time to hang out together.  Casey and Lance got Davis bathed and in bed and Kelley and I picked out paint colors for the house which is getting painted this week.  Doesn't Casey look like a natural?  He said he was going to take her mom let him know that he would be bringing her back pretty quickly.

Thanks everyone for making Davis' birthday extra special!

Temperature Check

Davis had a high fever over Easter weekend, so he had several temperature checks which are not fun!  A fews day later he was found trying to check his baby's temperature......and the funniest thing was he was doing it with Lance's work gloves on!  We could not stop laughing at him!

Daddy's Little Helper

Davis has turned into a Daddy's boy to the extreme!  He wakes up asking for Daddy, he goes to school asking for Daddy, and as soon as Daddy comes home that is who he wants.  I think it is just so cute to watch these two interact.  I should of taken a picture, but the other day I came home to Lance and Davis at the door and they both had on blue athletic shorts and gray t-shirts.  I told Lance they were twins and Lance had not even noticed.  It was so cute.  Davis loves to follow Lance around and fix things with him.  He also likes to do this same thing with his Papa.  He loves getting into tools and fixing things.  He also has a strange obsession with gloves and lawn mowers.  He is now sleeping with Lance's work gloves and it is so funny.  It makes me so excited to watch the two of them interact.  I know they are forming a forever friendship and soon they will be having fun days fishing and playing golf.....I think they are both in HEAVEN! 

 Davis' new thing is to ask for the lawn mower as soon as lance walks in the door.  It is like a ritual now.  Lance comes home, changes clothes, and they go take the lawn mower for a little spin..ha!  We are going to have to be sneaky and try to have Lance mow the lawn during nap time.....Davis will not be happy mowing with his play mower, he needs the REAL thing!

Parker's Birthday Party

~April 10th~
Davis met a friend Parker on the first day of school this year.  Parker is a special friend because they share the same weird is that!  I have gotten to be good friends with Parker's mom Hillary and the boys have so much fun together.  Parker no longer goes to school with Davis and we miss them so much!  Davis always is talking about Parker "Car Car".  I hope the boys can remain friends for a long time!  Parker had a farmer birthday at the park and it was a BLAST!  Davis loved the Tractor...that was his favorite part.  Lance chased Davis around the whole time, I tended to Katelyn's every need (which is a lot these days) and we both tag teamed it to get a bite of lunch in......birthday parties are exhausting..ha!  Parker also just found out he is going to be a big brother like Davis this fall!  We are so excited for the Hull family to become a family of 4!

Funny Story -I emailed Hillary a few days before the party to let her know we could no longer make it because I had double booked our Saturday...I of course went on and on in the email about how bad I felt, and how I am losing my brain cells with two kids....she nicely emailed me back and reminded me the party was on Sunday not Saturday.....and then I looked on the calendar and there it was written on Sunday.  So, I was glad we were able to make it.  Does mom brain ever get better or does it just keep getting worse?  If it doesn't get better I am in big TROUBLE!!

 Davis and his buddy Parker!

Katelyn Update - Picture Mania

Well....what can I say....two kids is much harder than one...ha!  Even though I have not been updating he blog, I promise I have been taking pictures.  This adjusment to two kids has been difficult for me.  I feel like the house is never cleaned.  Do you all ever feel like that?  I feel like I clean the house about 4 times a day and it is still a mess.....UUUGGHHH!  But, as I get frustrated with these little things, my wonderful husband, will remind me that all these little things do not matter and he is so right.  As I was reading The Five Love Languages For Children I came across this quote that was speaking directly to me.  " Don't be a victim of the urgent. In the long run, much of what seems so pressing right now won't even matter.  What you do with your children will matter forever." 

Here are some pictures of Katelyn from these last couple of months....just random since I have not been keeping up with our blog.  I won't bore anyone with the details, you can just look at the pictures.

 Jackie's 30th Birthday...Katelyn is OUT!

 Saturday at Nana and Papa Cones!
Davis is obsessed with golf carts and lawn mowers so he LOVES going to Papa's house!

 Katelyn with her Papa
 Katelyn with Papa and Nana
 Uncle Justin came home from Utah for the week.....we enjoyed getting to see him.
 Uncle Justin was able to calm Katelyn right down and those of you who know her know that is no easy task with her attitude..ha!

 Smiles are starting...we are LOVING it!

 This is what Katelyn seems to do best.....CRY!!  Does the girl drama really start this early???
 Katelyn with her Meme

 Family pictures are so hard with a family of 4.....LOL!

 WAHOO...this was a big day.....Katelyn is in a 3 month outfit....this is opening a whole new door for outfits. I was getting a little sick of the few newborn things we had.  The 3 month stuff is still a little big.....but we don't's stylish!
 Katelyn took a nap on Davis' bed while he got ready for school.  He is still so sweet to her.
 And.....we will end with her most recent picture from April 26th.  She is still a little peanut!