Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am getting SO BIG!

Davis is getting so big, he is standing with little help while holding onto something sturdy and he is ALMOST crawling. He is constantly getting up on his hands and knews and rocking back and forth. I have a feeling Lance and I are about to be REALLY busy chasing a little man around our house and we can't wait!

"This crawling business is HARD work!"

"Sometimes it is faster to do my army crawl than a normal crawl!"

I LOVE his little pants, I just had to take this picture of his little booty!

"Look guys, I am only holding on with ONE hand!"

Why is it that Hershel always makes his way in a picture.

Thanksgiving with the Cones

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a great Thanksgiving and have loved our time relaxing with family this week. I have had the best week ever because I had the whole week off work, so I was able to hang out with my little buddy all day for a week........needless to say I am NOT looking forward to Monday.

I love this time of year. November is a special month for us, Lance and I started dating around this time of year in 1999, that seems so LONG ago and then we were married in November 2003. I cannot believe that we have been together for 10 years and friends for 12 years, time goes by so quickly.

Obviously I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am most thankful for the life of my Savior and all that he sacrificed for all of us. I am thankful for my loving husband and best friend who makes my life complete. I am thankful for wonderful parents. I am thankful for wonderful family and friends. And this year, I am especially thankful for Davis. I have waited my whole life to become a mother and I have to say it is the best GIFT in the world. I knew he would make us happy, but I had no idea that he would make us THIS happy. Lance and I just look at him and our hearts melt! I am loving our life, and could not imagine it any other way.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday with the Cones and had a great time. It was fun just to relax and enjoy spending time together. Davis had fun with his grandparents and aunts and uncles. He was very spoiled. I have to brag on Davis, he was so well behaved. He just went with the flow and was happy and social the whole time. Lance and I realize that we are very lucky and our next baby may not be this good!

Bath time in Nana's new kitchen sink. It is the perfect size! Aunt Anna helped bathe Davis.

"I love you Uncle Blake, do you want to have a staring contest?"

Davis sat in his jumperoo and jumped while we all had dinner. Next year, he will be able to eat with us.

Davis and Nana

Papa, Aunt Anna & Davis

Me, Davis, Lance, Neal, Gail, Anna, Blake & Brittany

Aunt Brittany, Davis & Uncle Blake

Davis & Aunt Anna

Family Picture with Grandma Cone

Papa getting Davis ready for his 1st golf cart ride.

Daddy and Davis getting ready to go for a spin.

New Traditions

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Friday and had such a fun time. We started a new tradition this year. We went to Hunter's Christmas Tree farm in Alpharetta and had the best time. The farm is owned by a family friends, but we have never been before because we have fake trees. Our first year together, we got a real tree, which is what I wanted....but......we got our tree home and realized it looked like a charlie brown tree because of our two story living room. So the next year we got a fake 10 foot tree.....I could never afford this size tree if it was real. I honestly, can't wait to get a real tree again.......maybe next year. Now that we have Davis I think I can finally talk Lance into getting another tree. I have always wanted two trees, one fake and one real.

If you are looking for a fun place to get a Christmas tree this is it. And the best part is all the kids stuff was FREE! They had a craft station to make ornaments, pony rides, hay rides, hot chocolate and pictures with Santa. They are closed on Sundays. This is definitely a new family tradition for us.

1st picture with Santa with No tears.

Justin, Opa, Lance, me, Meme & Davis

They have this measuring post so you can take a picture there each year and see how much they have grown...what a cute idea. Next year Davis will be able to stand there on his own.

Daddy and his little buddy!

Davis thinks his Daddy is the BEST!

Family Picture by the OLD tractor.

I was so nervous that Davis was going to fall off this tractor while Lance was taking the picture.
But Davis seemed to think otherwise, he was NOT nervous at all!
"I am fine Mom, just let Daddy take my picture!"

Davis and Opa

Opa, Davis & Meme

Davis giving kisses to Meme

Davis LOVES to get on Lance's shoulders.....look how happy he is!

Davis, Uncle Justin & Me