Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's A Boy!!

So I guess we have a "Randy" not a "Randi"!! That is not going to be the oficial name, although Lance did say it was growing on him. We have narrowed the names down to a few, but we have not officially decided yet. I thought for sure we were having a girl, so I have had to switch to boy gear, but it didn't take long. We are both so excited about having a boy. Now Lance will have a little golfing buddy!

I am very patient with many things, but I am have been very impatient when it comes to finding out if we were having a boy or a girl. A few weeks ago, I asked Lance if we could go to the 4D ultrasound place to find out early. I guess you all guessed what that answer was...... "no". He is way more patient with this than I am. He thought we should just wait until the 20 week appointment. I just couldn't wait any longer! Then I thought, what am I thinking.......I switched my approach. I asked him to join me on Saturday, October 25th at 11:00 to find out if it was a boy or a girl. He said........"yes"!! I guess he didn't want me finding out without him.

This was such a special treat for us today. The facility was very nice and relaxing. I felt like I was in a spa at a resort. Lance got to relax on a comfy leather couch and watch the ultrasound footage on a big projector screen. She had soft music playing and the lights were dimmed. It was really special. She said she was over 100 percent sure that it was a BOY!! She also said that all the organs and bones looked like they were developing perfectly, and she thought I was about a week further along than the doctor thought. Maybe this is why my belly is SO BIG! The baby is measuring to be due on April 8th now instead of April 15th. This is going to make getting to Blake (Lance's brother) and Brittany's wedding even trickier!!

This is the first grandbaby on both sides of our families, so our parents are very excited! I wanted to surprise our parents in a special way, I had it all planned out, but for some reason Lance's family always finds out about surprises so their surprise didn't work out like I had originally planned. :) Lance's parents were out of town, so we text them a picture of us with the Baby Boy sign. We went to my mom and dad's to surprise them when my mom got home from work. I had a little gift for them to open with a little something they could use with the baby. I will post pictures after I give Lance's parents their surprise. They were VERY surpised!! I could not believe I kept this secret from my mom, but I did.

Now I can't wait to get going on the nursery decorating. My mom, dad, and I went shopping today to look for baby bedding while Lance watched the Georgia game with Blake. My dad found a bedding set that I fell in love with so I went ahead and purchased that one today. My dad always finds the good stuff and that is why I love shopping with him. My mom and dad purchased a glider chair for me to rock the baby in which I am so excited about. My mom helped pick out the fabric for the glider chair which I LOVE!! We are going to do baby blues and browns for the room. It is going to look so cute.

This was a perfect day! We feel very blessed to have a baby boy coming in April, and we can't wait to meet him in person. Please continue to pray for this little baby boy's healthy development. Here are a few sneak peeks below. I know some of them look like aliens, but we still think he is precious!!

Foot Picture

Ribs and Hand
Spine Picture

Friday, October 24, 2008

Seattle Trip

Beautiful View from Cathy and Will's Back Porch

Lance, Me, Cathy, and Will

All of us with Grace and Claire

Lance and I went to visit our friends, Cathy and Will Wiley, last weekend in Seattle, Washington. We had a WONDERFUL time! Neither of us had been to Seattle before, so this was fun for both of us. It was beautiful there and we had great weather. Lance was convinced he brought it from Georgia, but I don't know about that...... We also got so spend time with their precious little girls Grace and Claire.
We were there from Thursday to Sunday. It was a very short trip, but we were able to PACK in about everything that we possible could. On Thursday Cathy and Will took us around their town to look at some sights around town. We went out to eat that night and they got a baby sitter for the girls. It was nice to be able to visit with them. Of course Lance and I were asking their advice on raising children, since they have been through this venture twice. We got some good advice!
On Friday, we got up early and Lance and I headed to Seattle to tour around. As usual, I was running just a LITTLE late. We had to catch a ferry from a nearby town at 9:00 and it was about a 30 minute ride to downtown Seattle. Well the ferry leaves right on time, so Cathy warned us that we may miss it and have to wait for the next one. We got there just in time and we had to RUN and I mean RUN to the ferrry. Apparently, that is part of the real Seattle experience, so I guess it was a good thing that we were running a little late.

Ferry Ride To Seattle

We went to the famous Pike's Market which was a treat! Their produce and fish looked so good. You had to be careful, they might try to throw a fish on you!!

Then we toured the city and walked for MILES!! The city was very neat and we enjoyed looking around. We went to some shops, yes I actually got Lance to do a little shopping....well looking......we didn't make any purchases. He made it into 3 stores and he thought that was great (he is making progress, but he still has a long ways to go).

We took a short ride across the city to the Space Needle. From here you could see all of Seattle. It was very neat. The view was beautiful. It is best on a clear day, so we timed it just about right with the good weather adn clear skies.

Space Needle (you go all the way to the top for a good view of Seattle)

View from top of Space Needle

After that we went to the acquarium. It was nothing like Atlanta, but we had a good time, and there were some neat things to see. At this point, being 15 weeks pregnant, I had about had it. My feet were so swollen, my ankles were about to be rolling over my shoes. We went back to the ferry, but as we sat there waiting, I really wanted to get a tour of the underground city, which was an hour and a half walking tour. I knew we would not be back anytime soon, so Lance and I switched plans and went back into the city for this one last tour. We are so glad that we did this. This was one of our favorite things we did in the city. The tour told us all about the history of Seattle. When Seattle was first developed, it was very poorly planned out. The city had many problems with their plumbing etc. Then there was a fire in the city that burned the whole city down. when the store owners came to rebuild they built on the same level they were at before. The government came in and built up the land so they would not have as many problems with the sewage etc. So there were basically two different cities on two levels. The towns people would go down ladders to get to the shops and stores that the store owners had built back. This "underground city" is still there for tours, but it is not in use today. You were able to walk on the real streets of the underground city, which was pretty neat. Lance should have probably typed this because he got more of the details about all of this history. I am sure I got some of this incorrect, but I atleast got the basics down.

On Saturday, we all went to Olympic National Park together. This was a beautiful drive. We walked all around the national park, went to see a waterfall, and went to see Crescent Lake. This was a long day, but the scenery was beautiful. I have to say that Claire and Grace were such troopers. They were excellent in the car, barely made a peep all day and it was a LONG day. After seeing the way they behaved in the car with the DVD players, that is one of the first things on my baby list! I just pray our children behave this well!! :)

Claire, Will, Cathy, Me, and Grace

This lake was the clearest lake we have EVER seen!! It looked like clear blue ocean water.

Lookout from the top of the mountain ridge.

Lance's goal the entire trip was to see Mount Ranier. It has to be a pretty clear day in order to see Mount Ranier, but we saw it every day we were there. We had a WONDERFUL time in Seattle! A big thank you goes to Cathy and Will for letting us stay with them. We hope to visit the Wiley's again at their next station.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

13 Weeks Along

Ok, here it is.....a picture of my BELLY! I did not think I would have a belly like this at 13 weeks, but I do. Several of you have asked for a picture so here it is, I knew I would have to post it some time for you out of towners who can't see my belly in person.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Burt's Pumpkin Farm Tradition

I LOVE traditions and Lance and I have slowly started a few of our own. A few years ago, Lance and I started a family tradition of going to Burt's Pumpkin Farm each year to get our pumpkins and pumpkin pie. They have the best pumpkin pie in the world!! Sometimes we have to make another trip back just to get a pumpkin pie, they are to DIE for!

We quickly noticed that almost everyone at Burt's had children, but we still go every year and have a BLAST! Our good friends Casey and Kelley Warnock have started to join us on our October Tradition; except Casey could not join us this year. Kelley was a trooper and came with us anyway; Casey missed out on all the FUN! Last year Lance's brother Blake went with us and we all went on the hayride. We will not be going on that hayride again until we have children, which I guess will be next October. It is weird to think that next October we will have a 7 month old to bring to Burt's. We can't wait!!

Pumpkin Farm
Lance, Me, and Baby Cone "Randy" (In Utero) Kelley and Me

Mountain Day

Lance and I had a VERY busy weekend! It was our college alumni weekend, Mountain Day. Lance went to Rome on Thursday to play in the annual Berry alumni golf scramble. He always enjoys this golf outing because he is able to catch up with all his old friends from college. Then he came home on Friday and we left on Saturday morning to go back to Rome to go to Mountain Day. I usually have more fun at this outing than Lance, he has made fun of Mountain Day since college, but I LOVE it!! He was a trooper and took me. :) I admit it is a little cheesy, but it is still fun. There were not as many of our old friends there this year, but we still had a great time catching up with some of our old friends. We were able to talk to Rob and Julie Craft and we only see them once a year at Mountain Day, so that was a real treat. They have two beautiful girls that are getting so big. We also got to spend time with Derek and Jenn Anderson. Lance and I enjoy spending time with Derek and Jenn and we have not seen them in quite a while, so it was nice to catch up with both of them. Lance and I loved going to Berry and it is always special to us because that is where we met and it is also where we met so many of our closest friends that we still keep in touch with. And of course we got married here, so it is VERY dear to our hearts!! After Mountain Day we headed back home to get showers and then meet some of our couple friends for dinner at Season's 52. We ate with Kim and Justin Eades and Judith and Allen Lumpkin. We set both of these couples up and now they are both married. We had a busy, but wonderful weekend!
Mountain Campus

Jenn Anderson and Me

Lance, Rob Craft, and Derek Anderson