Saturday, May 29, 2010

Having Fun!

I LOVE long weekends! Lance and I did not make any major plans this weekend which has been so nice! He went golfing with my dad today so me and little buddy played around the house this morning. When Lance got home, we went over to my mom and dad's for dinner. Lance grilled out chicken and it was GREAT! Before dinner we all took Davis to play at the new playground in my mom and dad's neighborhood......this is going to be my new hang out for the summer...ha! Their pool was rebuilt last year and now they have a baby pool that is zero entry with tons of little sprinklers, buckets and mushrooms......Davis will love it and be able to walk and play on his own. We will be there next week for sure!

Having FUN on the slide!!

"This is so fun mommy, let's go again and again and again!!!"

Checking out the new pool.....I think we like it!!

Thanks for having us over Meme and Opa!! We will be over a LOT this summer for some fun in the sun!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Ella!

We started off the day going to church. Davis has now been promoted to the toddler class since he is walking. But the past two Sundays he has not been so happy in class. Today they said he was good, but he liked to be held a lot (which they said they did not mind at all).....I guess he has been a little spoiled...ha! I was really surprised that he was like this though.....he is great at playing by himself at home and I don't hold him all the time and he is very social. I guess it is being in a new setting with more kids which he is not used to. I am glad he will be going to Mother's Morning out next year to get used to being around more kids.

This afternoon we celebrated Ella's first birthday with the Eades' family and friends! I should have take more pictures, but Davis was keeping Lance and I busy.....all we did was chase him around! He loved running around the yard...he had a BLAST, but he got SUPER HOT!! It had to be the hottest day of the year so far....we were burning up!
Me, Davis, Ella & Kim
(Lance and I set Kim up with her now husband Justin a few years is neat how things work out!)

The Eades' family had a beautiful yard!!

Davis had to try out Ella's new car......he waited until his daddy was gone because he knew he would not want him caught dead in a pink car...ha!

We left our sippy cup at home so Davis had to drink out of a water bottle. I think half got on his shirt but at least some got in his mouth!

Isn't it looks like a wedding!

Birthday Cake....YUM!!!

The Birthday Girl...Lance and I could not get over how stinking cute she is!

Alan, Lance & Davis
Mrs. Eades giving Davis some M & M's....he was not so sure about this!

After an hour and a half of running around....Davis was beyond tired. We left with a crying little boy!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy Busy Saturday!

We have had a BUSY but FUN weekend!! Anna and Lance's cousin Adam came to visit with us on Friday afternoon and Lance's mom and dad also came to watch Davis while Lance and I went on a date with our friends Casey and Kelley. Do you ever get desperate for some relaxing alone time???? I think we are at that point. We are both exhausted and just ready for some time with just us! We went to Tam's Backstage and it was wonderful and fun to get a night away! I forgot to take a picture of us before we left....I always do that! When we came back home we found Neal organizing our garage....this was on our to do list....the garage was FULL of all kinds of junk and tons of my school stuff we could not even fit my car in the garage it was so messy....well, not any more. Thanks Neal! I was so embarrassed when we pulled up and saw what he was was a REALLY MESSY garage!!! Now we just have to get some shelves built for storage and we are all set! Little buddy was still up when we got back from dinner.....he came outside and played around in his PJs until he got fussy and then Nana took him to bed.....I guess he just had to see us before he went to sleep! Gail and Neal spent the night and we all got up the next morning and went to see Lance's cousin, Tucker, play soccer.

This is Bailey, Davis' new cousin! Uncle Blake and Aunt Brittany got a new puppy. Davis thinks it is more like a toy....Bailey keeps his attention for about 2 minutes and then he is on to better things...he is so funny to watch. I thought he would want to play with Bailey forever, but he does not seem very interested. It is cute to watch him interact with something so tiny. He tries to pull her ears, touch her nose, and poke at her eyes....he is ALL BOY!

He may not be to interested in Bailey, but he sure does LOVE her toys!

Davis and Lance congratulating Tucker on a good game!

Nana bought Davis this CUTE chair......and he loved it so much he sat in it the whole soccer game....HA! He barely would sit in it for me to get a picture....but I am sure in a few months he will sit in it longer......I HOPE!! I pretty much chased Davis around the whole game. He was amazed at all the people and he tried to play with every soccer ball he could find. Next time we go to a game, I need to bring him his own ball so he is not trying to take every one's ball. Davis also liked to walk up to the spectators and say hi while they were watching the game....he is such a social bug!


Look at that face!!

Tucker, Lance, and Davis
After the game, we went to eat at Jason's Deli with the fam!
Then we came back and rested until Uncle Blake's flag football game at 3:30. Davis had a BLAST here.....he ran all over the place...he did not stop the whole hour and he was EXHAUSTED when we finally got him home!

Davis and Nana watching Blake!

He looks like he knows exactly what to do!

We have a future track star on our hands!

He LOVED the hurdles....he even tried to pick them up! He now tries to pick everything up and show off how strong he is.

Family Picture! After the game Lance and I took Davis to Chepe's for Mexican food!
We had a fun day as a family!
Thank you Gail and Neal for watching Davis for us! We had a great date night and we had a fun time hanging out on Saturday! I know I always say this but we are truly blessed with great families!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poole's Mill Park---Play Date

I have seen pictures of this bridge and have always thought what cool pictures I could take of Davis looks so neat but I never realized it was really close to our house. Davis and I met my friends Shannon and Mary Paige and their kids for lunch and a play date at Poole's Mill Park. We had so much fun!! We ate a quick lunch and then went to play. creative pictures didn't work out so well.....I am going to have to go back with Lance.....I could not get Davis to cooperate by myself. He was to interested in picking up bugs, dirt and running all over the bridge....oh well, I guess we will be going back. He is such a boy.....ha!
Here is the cool bridge!!
Davis LOVED the bucket swings!! He squealed if you pushed him high......he liked to go fast and high!! There was not a good place to sit all the babies so I did not get every one's picture. I will have to get their pictures next time. They are all within three months of each other so they will have a ball once they are all walking.

Here are my attempts to get a good picture......they did not turn out like I wanted...Davis did not want ANYTHING to do with a PICTURE!!