Friday, November 5, 2010

October Catch Up

I was in the kitchen and it was really "quiet" which means something is up, so I went to find Davis and noticed he was in the office and this is what I found....haha! He looks like he is ready to get to work....or get in trouble! He loves to get in the chair and type on the computer.
October 9th

October 15th - Cumming Fair
Lance and I have lived here for more than seven years and have never made it to the Cumming Fair. Well, we finally went this year. Davis had fun just watching everyone around him, but his favorite thing was the animals! We need to take him to a petting zoo, I think he would have so much fun! I have to admit fairs just gross me out, but it was fun to see Davis' excitement!
He LOVED the Carousel!

But, he HATED the slide! Lance and I thought he would love it since he loves the big one at Monkey Joes.....but Lance said this one was quite a bit faster......OOOPPPPSSS!! I felt so bad after I saw his face. Don't worry he was fine about 30 seconds later and told everyone in line "bye"!

Pajama Day - October 20th
Davis and Parker
(Parker is his new friend from school and they share the same birthday!)

When I got Davis ready for school and put him in his pajamas.....he kept laughing!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catch Up....Random Pictures From August and September

Well, I know I have been MIA for quite a while. This whole working from home thing has been quite an adjustment not to mention, dealing with the exhaustion of pregnancy and keeping up with a toddler....I am POOPED!!

I really am enjoying my new job, but it has been very challenging. I have had to learn so much plus figure out how to work from home which was much harder than I would have thought. I thought I would have so much time to keep up with the house work, run errands etc.......and I feel like I have less time and the house is messier! I guess that is because I am here all the time. It is also hard for me to stop working at night since my work is always here I feel like I always have work to do that hangs over my head. But the good news is that it is getting better.

Although this has been very challenging, I am enjoying the opportunity to work from home and it has been such a blessing to get to spend more time with Davis. I LOVE getting up with him each morning, feeding him breakfast, and taking him to school and picking him up each day. I love the fact that he gets to take a nap in his bed each day. I love having him to myself all day on Fridays. It is these little things that make me so thankful that I took this opportunity. I am beginning to get more in a routine, but this has been a huge learning curve! Thankfully I have the most supportive husband in the world who helps me with whatever I need including grocery shopping and cooking.....I couldn't be more blessed.

My goal is to get in more of a schedule and begin making more time for myself and hopefully I will be back to blogging a little more often.

Here are some random pictures from the last couple of months.

August 25th - Saying "bye" to Anna as she left us all for Charleston!

August 27th - Kim and I hosted a baby shower for our dear friend Judith and baby Jackson!

Kim, Judith & Me - Lance and I set Judith and Kim both up with their now husbands.
**I am about 14 weeks along here**

August 28th - Lance and Davis before church. Lance and I have started teaching sunday school each week. We are teaching a small group of 2nd graders and we are loving it. It is fun to teach together each week and it helps me get my teaching fix in.

August 28th - Davis showing off his NEW haircut! We love it, but I think the grandmas would have preferred it to stay long.

September 10th - Davis' first trip to Monkey Joes...he LOVED it!

This was his favorite thing....the BIG SLIDE! He wanted to go again, again and again!

September 23rd - Daddy Date Night at school!
Lance and Davis had a Date Night and he had so much fun. They went to his school, did a craft, ate refreshments, and had pictures taken. It was cute. Davis LOVES his Dada!!

September 23rd - His favorite spot to hide......the kitchen cabinets!

Burt's Pumpkin Farm

~October 3rd~
One year is such a change......I cannot believe that this was Davis exactly one year ago at Burt's!
I love this tradition we have of going to Burt's pumpkin farm, and next year we will have a little girl to go to this farm...I can't wait! We missed having Casey and Kelley there with us...hopefully they can make it with us next year. Enjoy the pictures......I know there are a lot I just couldn't narrow it down!

Davis LOVED this hayride, he smiled like this the whole time! He continually said "hi" to the tractor driver. We all had so much fun watching him. He did not want to get off.

Davis and Opa enjoying the view.

"Which one should I pick?"