Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kim's Baby Shower

I was on full bed rest since last Thursday to help with the swelling. It definitely worked as it has been the past few weeks, but it is only Tuesday and my feet are back to BIG FEET again!! I only have two more half days of work and then full bed rest until Davis arrives. I can get out and do one little QUICK venture a day so that will really help out. Believe me, I am going to be looking forward to that one venture each day.

When the doctor said bed rest a few weeks ago, I said I will do whatever I need to do, but I am hosting a baby shower for a dear friend and I really need/want to be there, he said that I could do that one thing if I did NOTHING else the whole weekend, so I did exactly that. Then, I tried the same bargaining with Blake and Brittany's wedding, but that didn't go so well, he said definitely not; The distance is too far and it is too close to our due date. At least it was worth a try! :)

It felt so good to escape my recliner and host Kim's shower with my friend Judith. Kim is having a baby girl, Ella. Lance and I set up Kim and her husband, Justin, so they are really special friends to us! The funny thing is we also set up Judith and her husband Allen. The six of us have so much fun together. It is so weird how things work out and the people God places in your life for a specific reason. I am so thankful for our friendships. Justin has two boys from a previous marriage, and now they will have a baby girl. Boy is Ella going to be spoiled!
Judith made these little treat boxes with Ella's monogram on them. They turned out so cute!

Ella and Davis meet for the first time. Could it be the start to a LOVE STORY! We will have to wait and see! It has been fun experiencing my first pregnancy with another friend. I hope that Davis and Ella will have fun playing together once they arrive. Davis will be here in April and Ella will be here in May.

Judith and I had so much fun planning Kim's special day! We can't wait to meet Baby Ella!

Friday, March 20, 2009

36 1/2 Weeks

Belly Picture 36 1/2 Weeks Along

The "Belly" keeps getting bigger and bigger. The ladies at work keep saying I am just going to topple over one of these days. Davis is obviously a GROWING boy!

Well, it has been so long since we have last updated our blog. Things here are coming down to the wire and we have been SUPER busy!! I cannot believe we only have a few weeks left.

As many of you know, I have been having problems with my feet swelling since about 16 weeks. I was able to get some prescription support hose which were life savers. They really helped keep my swelling under control until about two weeks ago. My swelling was getting so bad that I could not even put on the support hose anymore and my feet were in so much pain. Anyway, I went to the doctor last Friday in a panic, I had gained about 6 pounds in just 4 days which is not normal. My blood pressure, and blood levels were all normal, so it was just due to the water retention and swelling in my feet and legs. I was put on bed rest for the weekend, which is NOT FUN; but it did help with the swelling. I went back to work on Monday and by Wednesday the swelling was back and worse than before. The only way to help it is to elevate my feet and stay off of them. We went back to the doctor today and he said that I can try to work half days next week and then bed rest when I get home and after next week I will be on full bed rest until Davis arrives. I cannot travel much in the car or sit for long periods of time without elevating my feet. For those of you who know me......this will not be easy, I am always on the go or doing something; but now I am having to really take it easy. I guess I should take advantage of that because in a few weeks I WILL NOT be able to do that EVER again!

9 Months Along...
Here is my new spot. I have everything I need here. It took me a while to figure out exactly what I needed, but now I think I got it all figured out. The only thing I have not figured out is how to get out of this contraption; which is a problem since I have to go to the bathroom ALL the time! :)

I can do everything from my new "spot" I can do school work, check email, write thank you cards, read, watch t.v, take a nap....doesn't this sound like a wonderful spot to be. Ignore the fat foot in the picture!

Hershel has been so good to me! He sits with me all day long when Lance is not here. He lays his head on my belly, which I am sure makes a perfect pillow for him. I know he knows something is up, I am not sure he has realized that someone is about to be taking over his house. I hope that he will be Davis' little buddy! We will see what happens.......
I know this is a GROSS picture, but I had to put it in here, so I don't forget what my feet look like. They are actually looking pretty good here believe it or not. I am sure I embarrassed Lance by posting this picture.

I don't know what we would do without our wonderful families and friends. Lance has been so wonderful! He has been cooking, doing laundry, and serving on me from the minute he comes home from work, and putting up with my pregnancy hormones which is hard to do, although, I do think he is exhibiting some pregnancy hormones as well (Is that possible?). I do have to say that he has done a wonderful job, but I did notice that he needs some lessons on how to fold clothes, I looked at the t-shirts he folded and I just sat there and laughed!! I also have to brag on how supportive he has been through this whole pregnancy. He has made it to every doctor appointment and he enjoys going. It means so much to have him always right there by my side. He has been a trooper and attended a child birthing, breastfeeding, and CPR class. He is so excited for Davis to get here. He is going to be the BEST dad!

My mom has been my other saving grace! She has been helping me get everything clean as I am going through my nesting phase. We cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets, cleaned all the baseboards, and blinds, and anything else she saw that needed cleaning. Not only did she help with all of that, but she would get dinner for us and my dad and brother would come over to eat which has been fun. Lance's mom and dad came over last weekend and Lance's mom cooked us dinner and left us with some food to eat during the week. It was nice to see them and be able to visit for the evening. Blake also came over to visit with us, which is always fun. I am not the best about getting help from others, but it really has been so helpful and Lance and I realize how blessed we are to have such supportive families.

Lance went to Destin a few weeks ago for Blake's Bachelor party. I can still not believe that he and Brittany are going to be married on April 4th, it has come so fast. I am excited for them to begin this new venture in their lives. There is nothing like marriage, I LOVE every minute of being married. I am going to have to miss the wedding, which I am totally bummed about! It has always been in the back of my mind, but I kept thinking I would be able to make it........ well, the doctor said that I will not be able to make it because cannot travel that far. Blake is like a brother to me, well I guess he actually is a brother to me, and I have known him since Lance and I started dating which is about 10 years ago, I cannot believe it has been that long!! Now, I just pray that Davis cooperates and comes before or after the wedding date. The guys had a great time in Destin. Here is a picture of them deep sea fishing which they were all excited about, but they all got VERY sick on the boat because the water was so rough. Besides being sick most of the way, they still managed to catch some fish. Seeing these pictures makes me want to go to the beach.

We went back to the doctor today and everything checked out great, besides the swelling. We are just waiting now for Davis to begin to make his arrival. I am packing our bags this weekend and the car seat is in the car, so we are just about ready for him to get here. Our due date is officially April 15th, but the doctors and us are still hoping for an early delivery. We are now going to the doctor each week, so I will update next Friday to let you know how the appointment went.

Thank you for all of your prayers. Please continue to pray for us. Since I am on bed rest, I will definitely be updating the blog more frequently! I have to do something to keep myself occupied. A day in a recliner is a LONG day!