Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Nursery Update

Our nursery is still in progress, but it is close to being finished. I thought I would post pictures of our progress. I love to decorate and I have dreamed of what the nursery would look like for years, so it was fun to actually put everything together.

Our friend Kelley offered to paint our nursery for us and I was so excited for her to do this! She is such a special friend to us and now we have a constant reminder of her when we are in the nursery. As soon as I found my baby bedding (well, actually my dad found it....way to go Dad!) and the fabric for the curtains, I knew I wanted to go with a simple circle theme. I had in mind what I wanted and Kelley just went from there. She is super talented so I knew whatever whe had in mind would look great! Lance thought I was insulting Kelley's talent by just having her paint circles; so we all had a good laugh about that. She is almost finished, but I thought I would go ahead and post some pictures. I will post some more when the nursery is completely finished.

The circles are blue, and every 4th circle has some chocolate brown to bring in the pattern from our curtains. You can see the curtains below.

Thank you so much Kelley for all your hard work. Lance and I greatly appreciate all you do for us. We know Davis will appreciate it too! We LOVE you!!

This is the glider chair that my mom and dad got for me. I am super excited about this chair. I know that Davis and I will be spending lots of time in this chair! It fits in perfect with the circle theme. :)

Lance's aunt Tricia is making our curtains. They are still in progress, but I thought I would go ahead and post what we had. We are going to have two long panels on each side of the window. The top part is blue linen and then the bottom is the brown fabric with blue and brown circles. I loved how they turned out. Tricia is also making a valence to hang. I can't wait to see what they look like put up; they are really going to pull everything together.

My sister in law, Anna, is painting a canvas with Davis' name on it to put over the crib. It is so neat to have such talented friends and family all have a little part in Davis' room. I know Davis is going to LOVE it!! Stay tuned for more pictures!

29 Week Update

Belly Pictures :)

I cannot believe that this is the 29th week for us!! Time is flying by. April will be here before we know it. I have been feeling wonderful, but I am beginning to have trouble sleeping. Davis is super busy ALL the time, which wakes me up constantly through the night. He moves so much, I hope this is not a sign of how active he will be when he gets here. If so, Lance and I are going to have our hands full!! It is the coolest thing to feel and see him move. Lance and I will just be laying on the couch and you can see my stomach moving all over the place. Davis is sure having some fun in there. Time is sneaking away from us very quickly. We are trying to get everything in order for our little guy to get here. We cannot wait to meet him for the first time!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We Finally Finalized Baby Cone's Name....

Well, the name is........Davis William Cone. Lance and I have been going back and forth between names but this is it. We love this name. Davis is a name we both like and William is a family name on Lance's side of the family.

Well, Davis was busy during this holiday season. He even managed to do some shopping for his daddy and grandparents. I did not have room to put this on the Christmas Blog, so I am putting it here. I was trying to think of something creative to do for our parents and Lance for Christmas from Davis. I decided to get them all a little gift with a letter from Davis. Since we were all together on Christmas Eve, I gave them to our parents and Lance then. Lance even got a little teary eyed (Of course he tried to play it off by looking at the gift real quick and then leaving the room, but I caught on.)

Grandma and Grandpa got pajamas and some bibs.
Daddy got a golfing outfit and shoes. Davis is all ready to be Lance's little golfing buddy.

Letter to Grandma and Grandpa

Grandmas opening up their gifts.

Grandma and Grandpa Kreyling
Grandma and Grandpa Cone

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Busy Month of December

I am way behind on our blogging, so this will be a LONG one to catch us up on the busy month of December! Lance and I are usually in the Christmas spirit right after Thanksgiving. We have all the decorations up, I am baking goodies, the Christmas cards are out etc. Not the case this year. It took us a while to get it together this year!! I have been having extreme swelling in my feet and ankles. My feet were huge and could not even fit in my shoes. It has been going on for about 10 weeks, but it was just getting worse. After work, I would have to come home and elevate my feet immediately. So needless to say I was way behind on everything. Lance was so supportive and even did some of the indoor decorating for me so I could rest my feet. My doctor finally wrote me a prescription for some support hose, but he was doubtful they would help. Well, the hose did help, so I am ever so thankful!! I was worried that I would have to continue to be off my feet each evening and that was killing me. So, I am still taking it easy and elevating my feet, but I am able to be out and about more often so that is so helpful because I hate being stuck on the couch!

  • Festival of the Nativity - December 6th
My mom, my mother in law Gail, and family friend Linda Remund went to the Festival of the Nativity at my mom's church. It was a great way to get in the Christmas spirit. They had hundreds of nativities from all over the world on display. You could walk around and see each of the nativities while listening to live Christmas music. My mom and I look forward to doing this each year. It is just a nice way to focus on the true meaning of Christmas which is easily forgotten with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

  • Callaway Gardens "Fantasy of Lights" - December 13th

Lance and I started this tradition way back in college when we first started dating. We would go to Callaway gardens for the Fantasy of Lights trolley ride. I never knew this would turn into a tradition when we started it so many years ago, but it did. We look forward to enjoying this time with friends each year. Our friends are so special to us. Lance and I always say how blessed we are with our friends. This year we went with Casey and Kelley Warnock, and Derek and Jenn Anderson. We had the best time.

  • Christmas Eve with the Kreylings - December 24th

Each year Lance and I rotate Christmas Eve and Christmas day with our two families. This was mom mom's families idea and it works out great. My mom's best friend Linda, joins us every year for Christmas Eve. It just wouldn't be the same without her there. This year, we invited the Cone's to come join us for Christmas Eve at the last minute. It was so nice to have everyone together. We went to church at 4:30 with Christmas music and heard the Christmas story. There was a man (Disclaimer: We did not know this man!!) sitting behind Lance and his dad who sang louder than anyone I have ever heard in my life. I am surprised they could still hear at the end of the program. It was all I could do not to laugh. Our whole row was actually trying not to laugh. Every time the congregation sang a hymn I could barely control my laughter. I think that baby cone loved all the music, because you could see my stomach moving the whole time. He is becoming more and more active as the days go by. We came back to my mom and dad's for a wonderful dinner and then the traditional game of Yahtzee. Lance is not much for games, but he always has to play at least once. We had a really good time just spending quality time as a family. We were glad the Cones joined us this year.

Is that Anna drying dishes?? I had to get a picture. :)

Me and Lance playing Yahtzee. My dad won the game!
  • Christmas Day at the Cones - December 25th-- Happy Birthday Blake! :)
We spent the night at my parents house on Christmas Eve. I always want to do this and my dad and Lance laugh at me because we only live a few miles away, but there is just something about being at your mom and dad's house on Christmas morning. I got my way this year and I LOVED it! We woke up early had our traditional breakfast opened gifts, and then we were off to the Cones. We had a nice day visiting and spending time with the Cones. We went to see Marley and Me and I cried almost all the way through the movie. When we left I could see that I was not the only one crying. Even Blake had been teary eyed so that made me feel better. I cannot get through many movies without crying with all these pregnancy hormones. We had a nice dinner and then we opened gifts as a family.
  • December 26th - Happy Birthday Justin :)

We have lots of birthdays in December. Lance's brother Blake's birthday is on Christmas, my brother's is the day after Christmas and Lance's sister Anna's birthday is on the 29th. We went bowling for Justin's birthday. We usually go out for a good dinner, but Justin wanted to do something different and fun. We had a great time. It was a little different bowling with a big belly, but I did it. I did not do so well the first game but the second game I scored around 120. My dad of course beat us all.

  • The Lightle Annual Family Camping Trip: December 27th - 29th

Each year, Lance's mom's side of the family goes on a camping trip somewhere in the Georgia mountains. This year we went to Unicoi which is near Helen, Georgia. This is something we look forward to throughout the year. The guys all went golfing this year on the first day we got there and the rest of us went to lunch and shopping. I have to say we were disappointed with the shopping in Helen. It was very touristy!! All the restaurants were so full that we ended up at Wendy's for lunch; but we still had fun. We always eat and laugh way to much on this trip. My mouth hurts when I get home from all the laughing we do. We always go hiking, but it rained pretty hard the first night we were there; so we did not do the normal hiking trip as usual, although, Lance's uncles Bill and Jim went with Anna and her boyfriend Brad. They toughed out the rain and had a good time. We took a short hike up to the falls which was beautiful.

Lance and me on our hike to the falls. It rained almost the whole way, but it was still beautiful.

The Lightle Family

Christmas was wonderful and as always makes you realize how truly blessed you are. Lance and I are so blessed with the love of our savior, each other, family, and friends. We couldn't ask for anything better. We are looking forward to 2009.